Mia Mastrov entered the world on April 1st, 2003 in the city of Lafayette, located in the state of California, United States. At the moment, she lives in the same house as her parents. She was born in the United States of America and was raised in a Christian household. She also speaks fluent English. Her high school graduation took place at her alma mater, Miramonte High School, which she had attended in the past.

After that, on the 31st of December in the year 2020, she registered for classes at the UC Berkeley University. Mia always had a strong will and a burning enthusiasm for the game of basketball, even from a young age. She participated on the basketball teams at both her high school and her college, where she honed her skills. In addition to this, she finished her schooling having racked up more than one thousand points for her career total.

Mia Mastrov
NameMia Mastrov
ProfessionBasketball Player
BirthdayApril 1, 2003
Net WorthNet worth $1 Million

How much is Mia Mastrov’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

The current estimate of Mia Mastrov’s wealth is close to one million dollars. Her primary sources of money are from playing basketball, modeling, advertising, brand promotions, business initiatives, and so on. Social media platforms are also a significant source of her revenue. Because she is making significant strides in her field, it is reasonable to anticipate that her income will go up in the years to come.

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Mia Mastrov’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Mia Mastrov is a well-known American basketball player, model, Instagram Star, and TikTok Star. She was born and raised in Lafayette, California, United States, and attended Miramonte High School, from which she graduated. After that, Mia Mastrov enrolled at UC Berkeley University, and she is scheduled to graduate there on December 31, 2020. At the moment, Mia Mastrov lives in the same house with her parents and siblings. Mia Mastrov is widely regarded as one of the most talented basketball players on her university’s squad.

Mia Mastrov is an accomplished shooter from beyond the arc, and she is also competent at making layups. Guard is the position that Mia Mastrov plays in. Mia Mastrov’s parents have been highly supportive of her endeavors in the sport of basketball since she was a very small child and began playing the game. Mia Mastrov was a member of the sports teams at both her high school and her college.

Mia Mastrov’s Social Media

Today Mia is a well-known brand in the business of content production due to the fact that her videos have garnered millions of views. Her’mama.mia.21′ TikTok account has amassed millions of views and thousands of followers at the present time. On TikTok, the majority of the material she uploads is focused on physical activity and sports.

In addition to that, she uploads movies from her own first-person point of view, which are among the most compelling aspects of her videos. She has an Instagram account with the name @miamastrov and a Twitter account with the name @miamast13. Together, they have 371 thousand followers.

Mia Mastrov’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

Mia Mastrov has a height of around 5 feet 11 inches and a weight of approximately 55 kilograms. This information pertains to her physical appearance. Her eye color is brown, and her hair color is blonde. Her eyes are also blonde. She has sculpted her body into something really magnificent and alluring.

Mia Mastrov’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Mia first off her career as a model on the social media platform Instagram. In the beginning, she began using her Instagram account to post pictures of her modeling and her lifestyle. It gained her a respectable following on the app very quickly after it went viral and helped her get there. She captured the attention of the general public as well as the fashion brands thanks to the growth of her fan base.

As a direct consequence of this, she starts modeling for Revolve, Zara, and other fashion labels. She was also given the chance to work with a large number of photographers and worked closely with them.

Mia Mastrov
Age19 years
Weight55 kg
Height5 feet 11 inches

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