Image1It is no secret that when the gambling market was just beginning to develop, bookmakers were in no hurry to become legal. They were far from the conditions that the state offered them in those days. But now most of the major bookmakers, such as sportsbook Bitonbet, are completely legal and safe. But what advantages do legal bookmakers have?

Advantages Of Legal Bookmakers

Compulsory License

To protect against fraud and other problems, novice players should register only with legal betting companies. Official offices are controlled by domestic legislation, so the player can go to court to resolve any controversial issue.

If you play in offshore bookmakers, which are not subject to laws, you may have problems with payments and account blocking. At the same time, it is almost impossible to eliminate such difficulties in illegal companies.

“Tasty” Odds

All bookmakers compete with each other and fight for new customers. Because of this, the size of the odds for the same match can be completely different in each company. Its value is affected by the margin. The lower the odds, the higher the bookmaker’s profit percentage. Companies often give out bonuses in the form of an increased coefficient for a specific event.

Wide Painting And Line

In the field of betting, a line is a list of available events in an office. Large companies attract customers with a huge number of different tournaments on which they can bet. The rich line includes all kinds of sports, such as popular football, hockey, basketball, and tennis, as well as curling, darts, badminton, and many others. In addition, in such enterprises, one can bet on political, cultural, and economic events.

The list refers to the proposed betting options for a specific match. In sports, they play not only for the victory of a certain team but also for the number of goals scored, corners, offsides, yellow cards, deletions, and other specific data.

Official Application For Smartphones

The official website of the bookmaker company is not always convenient for quickly placing a bet. Using the mobile application, you can play while watching the match from the stands or anywhere in the world.


At the same time, ease of use and speed are important, despite the speed of the Internet, since in dynamic sports, every second counts. Many bookmakers already have official apps for Android and iOS.

Mandatory Withdrawal Of Funds

Legally operating companies use transparent schemes to register clients’ financial transactions. Bank cards, mobile accounts, and electronic wallets are used to make deposits and pay out winnings. The duration of withdrawal of funds plays an important role, which you need to pay attention to.

Registration Bonuses

Almost all official offices attract newcomers with various rewards. If you choose a bookmaker with a welcome bonus, you should first carefully study how to receive and use the reward so that there are no troubles later.

Features Of Legal Betting Companies

Selecting legal bookmaker companies for betting in modern conditions is as easy as possible, thanks to a specialized service on the Internet. We can highlight several important advantages of playing in legal offices:

  • High reliability;
  • Comfort;
  • Peace of mind when placing bets;
  • Safety;
  • Guarantee;
  • No possible claims;
  • Transparency.

As you can see, even the minimal list of advantages is already quite massive. Since you will be choosing a legal bookmaker to play with, you will not need to worry about the reliability of your bets. Even if controversial issues suddenly arise, you can still easily solve any problems by simply contacting the bookmaker’s support service for help. A comfortable and calm game is the key to success. There is no doubt that if you place bets with a legal bookmaker, your funds will be completely safe because you can easily withdraw money to your bank account at any time.

Unique Promotions

In legal bookmaking companies, no one will deceive you. Reputable companies often run good promotions and make special offers for their users. Bonuses and promotions are a clear advantage of official offices. You just need to register an account, and after that, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of bookmaker companies. Only you can decide which company to place your bets with. But the advantages of legal offices are obvious. The money-back-guarantee alone, if anything happens, is already worth a lot. The bookmaker will definitely not deceive you. We should also not forget about healthy competition. Each company does everything to develop and provide even better services.

In general, today, the field of betting on football matches is developing quite quickly. And many fans have tried betting on their favorite teams at least once in their lives. Or the result of the match that seems most likely. However, in order for the bets to be winning as often as possible, here, as in any other gambling game, there is an invariable rule – you need to consider possible options with a cool mind and not give in to personal preferences when making bets.

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