Scott Major was born on July 4, 1975, and he spent his childhood in Melbourne, which is located in the state of Victoria in Australia. After completing his high school education at a well-known institution in the area, he went on to pursue a bachelor of arts degree at a more prestigious university. There is no other information that can be considered credible on Scott’s upbringing or his educational background. Notable as an entertainer, writer, theater artist, and leader, Scott Major is a name to know.

Because of his participation in a number of successful television shows and films, including Neighbors (1993), Chris and Josh (2014), Home and Away (1998), and Heartbreak High, he is known all over the globe as an entertainer (1994). Aside from this, he is an essayist and the supervisor of a variety of television sequences and temporary movies, such as Playing for Keeps (2018) and With Intent (2021), amongst others.

Scott Major
NameScott Ian Major
ProfessionActor, director
Birthday4 July 1975
Net Worth$5 to $8 million

How much is Scott Major’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

It is believed that Scott Major’s current net worth is between 5 and 8 million United States Dollars. Acting in films and television shows, performing in plays at theaters and other performance venues, as well as writing, contribute significantly to his income.

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Scott Major’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Scott Major was born on July 4, 1975. Following the conclusion of his preliminary training at a renowned theater, Scott launched his career as a theater artist by beginning his acting career. Because of the outstanding job he did in a variety of stage plays and dramas, he rose to prominence as a theater artist over time. Eventually, he became well-known. Because of the commendable job he’s done in plays, Scott has earned a number of prizes all around the world in a variety of categories. The wealthy upbringing of Scott may be traced back to his parents, Ian Major and Pam Kenyon. In addition, he is the older brother of Kelly Major, and the younger brother of Darren Major.

Scott Major’s Social Media

Scott Major maintains an Instagram account with the handle @scottmaj and a Twitter account with the handle Scott Major. Scott’s Instagram account has 17.1 thousand followers, while his twitter account has 1073 posts.

Scott Major’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

The height of Scott Major is roughly 5 feet 11 inches, and his weight is approximately 89 kg.

Scott Major’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

In the dramatic film directed by Steve Jodrell and titled “More Winners: His Master’s Ghost” in 1990, Scott made his debut in the film industry. His performance as Martin Taylor was well received by those in attendance. Because of his outstanding performance as Rivers in the drama film “The Heartbreak Kid,” which was directed by Michael Jenkins, he rose to the top of the acting world and became famous all over the world. Aside from this, Scott has worked on and acted in a variety of films, including The New Girlfriend (1999) and Cody: The Wrong Stuff (1998), amongst many others. 

He has also starred in many short films. Following his success in the film industry, Scott made his debut on television in the role of Oates, a recurrent character in the comedy-drama television series “Late for School.” The series was a hit with the reviewers, and they had nothing but good things to say about it. His performance was so impressive that he was even considered for a number of different prizes. In addition to the aforementioned, Scott has made significant contributions to the plots of a number of television programs and online productions, including Newlyweds (1994), Heartbreak High, and a great deal more.

Scott Major
Age47 years
Weight89 Kg
Height5 feet 11 inches

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