Ureka Black, the mother who threw her two children out of the bridge, had a lengthy record of arrests and was subject to a number of restraining orders.

Ureka Black, an American woman who resides in Louisiana, is said to have thrown two of her children off of a bridge and into the water of Cross Lake, as reported by the New York Post.

Ureka Black

Because so many people still find it hard to believe that a woman could be responsible for the deaths of her own children, this unbelievable story quickly went viral on the internet and other social media platforms.

After the event, the authorities acted quickly in response to the attention that was brought to them by the public and imprisoned the woman.

After about a day of investigation, it has become clear that Ureka is not a newcomer to the realm of criminal activity and arrests.

She has been arrested many times, but each time she has only been held in custody for a short length of time.

After Black was arrested and charged with two charges of second-degree murder, he was taken to court, where he will almost definitely be sentenced to a significant amount of time behind bars.

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Police in Shreveport have identified A woman from Shreveport is suspected of having thrown her children into Cross Lake.

KTAL/KMSS Shreveport police have identified the woman who is suspected of murdering one of her children and badly injuring the other by throwing both of them off the Cross Lake Bridge on Friday morning. One of the children died, while the other was critically injured.

According to the statements made by the SPD, Ureka Black, 32, has been charged with one offense of murder in the second degree and one case of attempted murder in the same degree. There was no agreement to a bond. Black was taken into custody early in the afternoon on Friday near Waskom, Texas, during a rest stop, and he is currently awaiting extradition to Caddo Parish.

According to the police, just before 11 a.m., someone reported seeing a child floating near the Cross Lake bridge. Shortly after that, officers from the Shreveport Police Department’s marine patrol unit went into the lake and pulled the corpse of a baby boy from the water. A marine patrol found the child a while later and brought him to safety after he had drowned after falling into the water. That child was sent to the care of LSU Oschner Health Shreveport. It is hoped that he will emerge from this experience alive. According to the police, he was able to supply the investigators with information that was important in the process of identifying Black.

This information spurred a hunt for Black by other agencies, which led to the identification of a gray Dodge Caravan bearing a Texas license plate. Black was eventually located in this vehicle. Because a Waskom police officer had seen the car, she was taken into custody as a result.

Ureka Black What is her age, when was she born, her birthday, her family, who is her father and mother, and where is she from? A Brief History.

Ureka Black is an actress that was born 32 years ago.

However, official sources have reported that the woman is 32 years old, despite the fact that her actual birthdate has not been disclosed as of this date.

The media is unaware of any other details surrounding her early years of childhood, other than what has been stated above.

What is Ureka Black’s current net worth, and how much money did she make?

As a result of her participation in a variety of unlawful activities, she has a sizable financial worth. It is estimated that her net worth is anywhere between fifty thousand and one hundred thousand dollars.

Ureka’s Black Boyfriend, the Status of Their Relationship, and the Question of Children

There has been no new information uncovered in the meanwhile pertaining to Ureka Black’s spouse.

It is alleged that the woman has a history of having a partner and that she has worked in the prostitute industry. On the other hand, Ureka’s marital status has not been verified by anyone.

In the past, she had been arrested for setting fire to her boyfriend’s house for no other reason than to speak with him inside. Aside than that, there is not a lot of information available regarding her relationship.

It has been determined that Ureka Black threw two children, ages 8 months and 5 years old, into the late water. The ages of the children have been identified as being, respectively, 8 months and 5 years old.

Black’s elder son, Elijah, who was 5 years old at the time, was able to be safely evacuated, but her younger son, who had just been 8 months old at the time, passed away.

The investigators have not yet made any new revelations on the condition of the youngsters available to the public.

Ureka Black Career

Ureka Black is a lady from Louisiana who has been accused of committing a variety of crimes in the past, including prostitution, arson, and others.

Black is currently facing accusations of both murder and attempted murder as a result of the fact that she threw two of her children into a lake.

The younger of the two children was the one who ended up drowning, while the elder youngster was saved from the water and brought to safety.

There is evidence that Black is involved in prostitution; nevertheless, her full-time professional career is not known at this time.

In point of fact, KTBS provides a list of all of the crimes she has committed up to this point, which includes several instances of prostitution, human trafficking, arson, and other acts of a similar nature.

Children are thrown into the lake by their mother.

According to the first report that was published by CrimeOnline, police from the Cross Lake Patrol were called to Willow Point, which is located close to the bridge that carries Interstate 220 over the lake, soon before 11 a.m. on a complaint that a child was seen floating in the water. Officers found a baby who was immediately declared dead on the scene. After rescuing the other kid, who was sent to Ochsner LSU Health in serious condition, officers located a second infant who was also pronounced dead on the scene. Since then, his health has been steadily gaining ground, and doctors now anticipate that he will make a complete recovery.

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According to the Shreveport Times, a police spokeswoman named Sgt. Angie Wilhite said that detectives initially received conflicting accounts of what happened and suspected that the children may have fallen into the water from a grade-level bridge that was situated over a small bay on the lake; however, further investigation revealed that the children were thrown from the much larger and taller highway bridge.

They were successful in tracking down a suspect vehicle, which turned out to be a gray Dodge Caravan bearing a Texas license plate. A “be on the lookout” notice was issued for the vehicle.

An arrest has been made on Ureka Black.

A law enforcement officer who was on patrol on Interstate 20 near Waskom, Texas, noticed a car that matched the description at a rest area just beyond the state boundary between Louisiana and Texas, and he went around to investigate. That officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and subsequently detained Black.

She was meant to be turned over to the Louisiana State Police, but instead, he brought her to the Harrison County prison in Texas. There, she is being kept for extradition to Caddo Parish, which is located in the state of Louisiana.

Where did she complete her secondary education and get her degree? What did she major in, exactly?

It is well knowledge that she hails from the United States. Therefore, it is most likely that she completed all of her schooling in the city in where she grew up. However, the specifics of her educational background have not been made public just yet.

Ureka Black’s Reach Across Social Media

She does not appear to be active on any of the social media platforms, which is really disappointing.

Her social media account is impossible to track down. She is not a fan of interacting on various types of social media.

Ureka Black’s Physical Appearance, Including Her Height and Weight

Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

There are some interesting facts regarding Ureka Black’s that you ought to be aware of

Zodiac SignUnknown
Net Worth$50K – $100K 
Single/ In a relationshipUnknown
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseUnknown
ChildrenTwo children

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