Survivor 41 is now airing its 41st season, and one of the show’s 18 cast members is a woman named Shantel Smith. It was decided that Smith would join the Ua tribe. Jairus “JD” Robinson, Brad Reese, Ricard Foyé, Genie Chen, and Sara Wilson are the other people that are a part of this tribe.

Shantel Smith

On the 22nd of September, the first episode of the television show Survivor was made available to viewers. To our relief, Shantel did not end up being the one to be removed; but, Sara Wilson did. In exactly four days, on September 29th, the second episode will be made available online for viewing.

Meet the cast of ‘Survivor’ Season 41, including Shantel Smith, a professional pastry chef:

Pastor Shantel Smith has high hopes that by the time Final Tribal Council rolls around, she will be able to deliver her sermons to an audience of believers. The game show Survivor has had a big influence on the life of the 34-year-old, with presenter Jeff Probst acting as a parental voice to him through a difficult upbringing. And she is keeping her fingers crossed that her generosity, her capacity to comprehend people, and her participation in a few idol hunts would be enough to help her win season 41.

Read some of the interviews that Shantel has given;

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What got you interested in watching Survivor in the first place?

When I was a very young child, my mother gave me over to the care of Child Protective Services. And at that time I was moved around from one foster home to another. Within the system of foster care, we did not have a lot of resources. Because of our limited financial resources, we were unable to purchase a large quantity of wires. Nevertheless, one of the programs that we were able to watch on the stations that we did have access to was Survivor.

Consequently, I found myself glued to the television every week to watch Survivor. In my life, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of different parenting styles or perspectives. And Jeff Probst sort of evolved into that parent’s advocate role. Those were the sentiments that stuck with me from when he pushed the players to dig deep, saying things like “there’s more in you than you realize, you can accomplish this.” I still think about those things. In the end, that enabled me to complete secondary school, college, graduate school, and the work necessary to earn my doctorate. Because of this, the show has made a significant contribution not only to my ability to live, but also to triumph and flourish in life.

So tell me about your experience when you finally got to meet Jeff in person.

It was a crazy ride. He is much more amazing in person. He is very kind, yet at the same time, he is so genuine. He is aware of the significance that his role on the program has had on my life. Because I have no doubt that he is aware of all of this. But despite that, certain aspects of it seemed almost unreal.

In what way, if any, do you believe that your life experiences have best prepared you for the game?

There was a period of time in my life when I was involved with a criminal street gang. I had no home and was surviving on the streets by the time you met me. When you’re in that kind of setting, you meet a huge variety of individuals from all walks of life. You are put in a lot of situations that the vast majority of individuals merely probably will never be put in during their lifetime.

And you really learn how to read people, whether they are police officers or individuals who live on the streets and pretend that they are your friends. In spite of the fact that I am a pastor and possess both a profound capacity for empathy and a genuine talent for compassion, I am, at heart, a hustler. People are going to test me! [Laughs.] And due to the fact that I am so good at reading people, it doesn’t work very frequently. To put it another way and for want of a better phrase: game recognizes game.

What qualities do you look for in a joint venture partner?

I want to find a partner that is ultimately interested in working together, but who will not make all of the decisions for me. I’m looking for someone that can make snap judgments and is just as self-assured and certain of themselves as I am. People who lack confidence in themselves have a propensity to be wishy-washy and inconsistent in their opinions and statements. If I’m being totally honest, another thing I wish for is someone I have some influence over, even if it’s very slight.

On the other hand, one of my goals while I’m here is to cultivate meaningful interactions and form genuine friendships. As a participant in an alliance, therefore, I am anticipating this outcome. someone I can put my faith in, someone I can subtly exert some influence over, and someone who can see me as malleable and adaptable despite the fact that I may not actually be those things.

Shantel Smith. Family, Birthday, Age, Date of Birth, and Birth Certificate Who is her father? Who is her mother? Where does she come from? In the Beginning

The 11th of March, 1987 saw the arrival of Shantel Smith. She will be 34 years old this year. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, which corresponds to the month and year of her birth. She has a very strong bond with her mother and looks up to her as a role model. She claimed that she watched her mother battle her demons up to the moment she took her last breath.

Shantel Smith was born in the city of Toronto, which is located in Canada. She calls Washington, District of Columbia, her home at the moment. Her hobbies include things like acting, humor, and dancing. She also enjoys jogging. Smith embodies qualities such as fervor, authenticity, and resiliency.

There is not a sufficient amount of information on her family history, but we will keep her here updated as soon as possible.

How much does Shantel Smith make, and what is her net worth?

There is no information regarding her net worth, but it appears that she has made sufficient money from her work. She was definitely making a big pay and collecting a sizeable net worth throughout her time in the industry. In addition, her principal source of income was derived from his professional work.

What do we know about Shantel Smith’s boyfriend and her relationship?

Shantel Smith does not currently have a boyfriend or husband. Despite the fact that she is in a committed monogamous relationship with a man who must remain nameless.

She has shared a few images of her and her lover to her Instagram account. She does not reveal her identify in order to protect herself from any complications with her profession. She presently makes her home in the nation’s capital, Washington, District of Columbia.

Profession of Shantel Smith

Pastoral duties are part of Shantel Smith’s responsibilities at Emmanuel Brinklow SDA. According to her age, she is the youngest female pastor the church has ever had. When she was a child, Child Protective Services removed her from her home and prohibited her mother from seeing her.

She was bounced about from one foster family to another for the better part of her youth. As a result, she needed to maintain a number of occupations in order to pay for her living expenses. On the other hand, when she was at last able to be reunited with her mother, she began to have a greater confidence in god. Because of this, she decided to pursue a career in the same profession, which led to her becoming a pastor.

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Now, she is one of the 18 people competing in the current season of the show Survivor 41, which is in its 41st season.

Where did she complete her secondary education and get her degree? What did she major in, exactly?

It is likely that Shantel finished all of her education at the location in where she was born. However, little is known about her previous academic experience. Both her high school and her college are still being looked at by the authorities. In the event that further information is uncovered, we shall discuss it in the next sentence.

Shantel Smith’s Reach Across Social Media

You may find Shantel Smith on Instagram by searching for her under the username “shantelmsmith,” which you can use to follow her.

She has 66.7 thousand people following her. In addition, she has a TikTok account, on which she has amassed 2.2 million likes and 184.8 thousand followers. Her handle is “@shantelmsmith,” and she uses Twitter. Additionally, she may be found on LinkedIn.

You may discover her postings about herself on Instagram, where the majority of her photographs and videos feature her smiling broadly. [Online resource] [Internet resource] In addition to that, she publishes a photo of herself with her male companion. She has not disclosed his name, nor has she said in an open manner that he is her lover. However, her posts reveal everything. They give off the impression of being incredibly content with one another and enjoying the time of their life.

The Physical Appearance of Shantel Smith Height, Weight

Height   Unknown
Eye ColorBlack
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

There are some interesting facts regarding Shantel Smith’s that you ought to be aware of

Zodiac SignPieces
Net Worth Unknown
BirthplaceToronto, Canada
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseUnknown
Age34 years

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