Jaime M. Callica, a Canadian-born American actor, is one of the best in his field. As Agent Brian Rollins in the television series “Ruthless,” he is well-known. In addition, he works as a model for a living. There have been over forty television and film projects that Jaime has been involved in.

At a young age, Jaime M. Callica developed a passion for entertainment. Is that hottie already settled down? Be here and read this article to find out the answer.

What Is The Relationship Status Of Jaime M. Callica?

Despite being 36 years old, the hunky guy is still slaying his single life. The actor appears to be single at the moment. In addition, he and his co-stars have strong on-screen chemistry.

The guy appears to be more concerned with his professional career than his personal life. For years, his friends called him “Momma’s boy,” and he was proud of it. Being called “momma’s boy” didn’t seem to hurt his feelings because he has a close relationship with his mother. Also, read about Gena O Kelley.

Jaime M. Callica

When you’re an adult, it’s good to show your mom how much you care and how much you respect her. For the time being, he is delighted to be referred to as “momma’s boy.” Even so, we’d like to see him get down on one knee with a woman of his choice soon.

Jaime M. Callica’s Net Worth

Jaime M. Callica has a net worth of $1 million. An estimated $2 million is in the actor’s bank account. As a result of his work in television and film, he accumulated a substantial fortune. Since he was two years old, his acting prowess has entertained family and friends. The talented actor idolizes Michael Jackson.

In addition, he was a talented dancer. A car accident forced him to give up dancing and concentrate on acting. The actor established a career in acting in just six short years. The actor has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed and award-winning television shows and films.

Not to mention his 95.6k Instagram and 17.1k Twitter followers as a social media influencer. Samsung Gear S3 and Okanagan Spring, Tim Hortons, and Lexus endorsements must have boosted his income further.

Birthday, Early Life, And Age Of Jaime M. Callica

On November 3rd, 1985, this gifted actor was born. His birthplace is Ontario, Canada, and he is a Canadian citizen born in the country. Deborah Callica raised him as her own (mother). He is raised by his mother on her own, without any assistance from anyone else.

As a result, Jaime M. Callica is descended from a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Spanish ancestors. The actor is 5 ft 10 in. in. tall. Both his hair and eyes are dyed in the same shade of black. Scorpio is also his horoscope sign. Learn more about Kyra Robinson.

A lot of the actor’s personal life is kept under wraps. As a result, his education and school details are kept under wraps. He’d previously worked in the music industry as a sound engineer. He also has a charming and loving personality, which adds to his impressive resume. As a result, he has amassed a worldwide following.

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