Lance Reddick was an American actor and musician widely known for his fascinating roles in popular tv shows and movies like “The wire, Fringe, and John Wick”.

Having a passion for music, Reddick had the aspiration of becoming a classical musician. Following his love, as a teenager, Reddick studied music at the Peabody Preparatory Institute, and a summer program teaching music theory and composition at the Waden school. chasing his dream, he later completed his bachelor’s degree in music. However, his love for acting eventually led him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Reddick has gone on to have a successful career in Hollywood. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including “Fringe,” “Lost,” “American Horror Story,” and the “John Wick” franchise. He has also lent his voice to video games such as “Destiny” and “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Reddick’s biography reveals that his rise to fame was not without its challenges. He struggled with drug addiction early in his career but was able to overcome it and focus on his craft. He also faced discrimination as a Black actor in Hollywood, with many roles being limited to stereotypical or supporting characters.

Can you guess how old was Lance Reddick before his tragic death? The answer will surprise you!

Being one of the most popular black Hollywood actors, who became extremely popular after the HBO series” The wire” amazes people due to his mesmerizing success. Reddick had to suffer a lot to achieve this prosperity in Hollywood.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 7, 1962, Reddick was 61 years before his tragic death.

Lance Reddick at movies premier.
source: RTE

What was Lance Reddick’s Networth?

Having enormous fame in Hollywood, Playing in one of the most well-known movies, Reddick was doing delightful in his life. Reddick, who also provided the voice and likeness for video game characters Martin Hatch Quantum break was one of the most respected actors in the Industry. According to different sources, Reddick, who could bring depth to any character he plays, had an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

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Here are the movies that Lance Reddick was featured in:

From his early struggle to his current status as a respected actor/musician, Reddicks’s journey is an inspiring one. Thank’s to his versatility and acting talent, Reddick has been featured in many movies. Known for his television performance as Cedric Daniels on “The Wire” and Phillip Broyles on “Fringe.” Reddick had a wonderful career.

Appeared on, the small screen of ” New York Undercover in 1996, Reddick has done numerous movies. some of Lance Reddick’s notable movies include Arthur in “Jonah Hex,” General Lyons in “White House Down,” and Gentry in “Angel Has Fallen.” Reddick also made appearances in “Bosch” and “John Wick.”

Lance Reddick as Cedric Daniels on the HBO drama The Wire.
Source: The New York Times

Who was Lance Reddick’s wife?

Lance Reddick was married to Stephanie Reddick back in 2011 in Minnesota. According to some sources, they met together in 1999, when Stephanie was working at the Guthrie theater.

Lance Reddick with his wife Stephanie Reddick.
Source: Us magazine

What was the Cause of Lance Reddick’s Death?

It’s Very unfortunate that one of the best actors in Hollywood is no more with us. According to different sources, Reddick died from natural causes at the age of 60 on March 17, 2023. Reddick’s fan, family is in a state of pain due to his unexpected death.

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NameLance Solomon Reddick
BirthdayJune 7, 1962
Net worth$5 Million (approx)
Height 6’2″
Spouse/ExStephanie Reddick
Died onMarch 17, 2023
cause of deathNatural Causes

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