American Steph Sibounheuang is both a company entrepreneur and a fashion designer. She was born and raised in the United States. She was the woman that PB Rock, a late rapper, shared his life with. On September 12, 2022, PB Rock was robbing at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles when he was confronted by his assailant and shot.

He passed away at the age of 30. After leaving the restaurant where he had supper with his girlfriend Stephanie, musician PB Rock was shot after leaving the establishment. After being taken to a hospital in Los Angeles, PB Rock was declared dead while he was a patient there.

Stephanie Sibounheuang
NameStephanie Sibounheuang
ProfessionFashion Designer, Model, and Entrepreneur
Birthday20th July 1991
Net Worth$600K USD

How much is Stephanie Sibounheuang’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

It is believed that Stephanie Sibounheuang has a net worth of around $600,000 USD. worth

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Stephanie Sibounheuang’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

On July 20th, 1991, Stephanie Sibounheuang came into the world. Influencer Steph, who is 31 years old, is known by her full name, which is Stephanie Sibounheuang. Since she rose to fame on social media a few years ago, she has not disclosed the nature of her educational background in any of the interviews she has given. However, her expertise in fashion design suggests that she must have a degree in the field of fashion design. Additionally, she is skilled in the application of cosmetics.

Perhaps she completed her training in cosmetics and skin care at an earlier time. Her youth was spent mostly with her one sister and their several cousins. Due to the size of her fan base, Steph Sibounheuang does not have time to speak about her family despite her widespread fame. She has never said anything but kind things about her partner and children across all of her social media accounts. She has shared a significant amount of information about her family, particularly her parents. On the other hand, we were able to discover that Steph has a sister who goes by the name Kiara Sibounheuang.

Stephanie Sibounheuang’s Social Media

At the time that this article was being written, Stephanie Sibounheuang’s Instagram account had 97 posts and 685 thousand followers. She gave her followers advice on health, beauty, and overall wellbeing, in addition to sharing recipes with them on her Instagram account. She uploaded a video on YouTube in 2020 about her journey to Bora Bora with Rock. She is a star on Instagram, but she has also appeared on other platforms, including Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok, in addition to being a celebrity on Instagram.

Stephanie Sibounheuang’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

Stephanie Sibounheuang has a height of 1.70 meters and weighs 56 kg. Her hair is dark, and she wears a size 5 in UK shoes.

Stephanie Sibounheuang’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

In terms of Stephanie Sibounhewang’s education, it is important to note that she did not get a diploma from an accredited university and that she received her high school education from a private institution. Steph, who is now 31 years old, has always been able to impact the audience with the fashion and other style statements that she presents. Since she was young, Stephanie Sibounheuang has pursued a career in the fashion industry and as a successful businesswoman. Yi Minx was the name of the apparel brand that she debuted earlier in 2012. Her brand shot to prominence among young people thanks to the success of her designed dresses and bodysuits.

After that, she started giving lessons to other individuals about skincare and other aspects of the cosmetics industry. She immediately amassed a large fan following across all of her social media platforms as a result of the acclaim she received for her work. Stephanie started acting as a model for the items of her own self-made business. In later years, she established her own e-commerce website, which she called She makes a respectable amount of money off of the sale of the apparel she created on the angel energy platform. Steph has sponsored many products on her social media accounts, including Cake Cosmetics and Cupcake Mafia.

Stephanie Sibounheuang
Age31 Years
Weight56 Kg
Height1.70 m

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