Sal Vulcano as known as Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano is an American Improvisational, actor, stand-up comedian and producer from the New York City of Staten Island. Sal is a member of The Tenderloins which is a comedy troupe including himself, Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn and James Murray. On December 15, 2011 Sal sparkled in the television series named “Impractical Jokers”, which was first aired on TruTV.

Short Bio- Sal Vulcano

Sal Vulcano was born on 6th November 1976 in Staten Island. Vulcano is of Italian, Puerto Rican, and Cuban descent. Sal completed his school life in Monsignor Farrell High School, along with Joe, Brian, and James. He is a member of his school club high school’s Improvisation. Which they took as a way to express themselves and meet girls. Sal graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Finance.

Sal Vulcano

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Sal started his acting career with a practical comedy show named “Impractical Jokers” in 2011. This show has been running for 6 sessions which lets the actor play a prank on each other with hidden cameras in public with a simple motto to embarrass each other. Even after many years this show is still popular as ever and has millions of views on YouTube.

Is Sal a Gay?

In 2014, Vulcano confessed of being gay on an American talk show which left the public in a bolt out of the blue. Not for a long time after this confession, he denied that report of being gay as he only admitted to enable his friend Murray to come out with his sexual preference. Ever since his denial, it is hard to say if he is gay or not.

After he made Murray confess of being gay he stated, “ It feels great that my ally James has come out of the closet. That’s the reason I brought him here today. You see, I’m not gay but I knew if I said I was gay he’d admit that he was gay.”

Does he have a wife?

From all indication it seems that Sal is interested in building his career than his love life. There has not been any rumors about him dating any women or having a wife as there is no record of him marrying or having a girlfriend in his past history. Also there is no information of his dating life in any social medias which proves him being a single.

Net worth of Sal Vulcano

Sal has a net worth of 400 thousands dollar. He have has also launched a business in the clothing line. It is also expected that his net worth will rise up in no time. His source of net worth is from his acting career and the numerous role he plays in TV series.

Quick fact of Sal Vulcano

Height5 feet 7 inches
Age43 years old as of 2021
Birth nationThe United States Of America
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown

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