MacBooks come with various impressive features. As a result, many digital marketers prefer it to PCs. But we are not here to argue over which is better. If you’re a Mac user, we know the best tips to leverage your device and aid your online marketing efforts. Check them out below:

6 Essential Ways to Optimize Productivity on Your Mac

There are several ways to improve productivity on your Mac. Here are some tips and tricks you can utilize.

Clean and Organize Your Workspace

One of the most efficient ways to get the best result from your device is to optimize the system’s performance. Clean up the hard drive, delete unnecessary apps, and use built-in macOS utilities to free up some space. Then, create an organized folder structure for storage and use cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox for backup and easy access.

Use Productivity Apps and Management Tools

The right apps allow you to do more in less time. Most importantly, it gets you happy results. Marketing professionals use many apps. So much so that it becomes difficult to choose. We recommend you install productivity apps like Evernote to take notes, capture ideas, and manage your schedule. These apps are invaluable for organization and preventing tasks from falling through. In addition, use project management tools like Trello or Asana to track tasks and deadlines. If you share PDFs with non-system fonts, use this guide to learn how to embed them into the file to preserve the fonts. These applications improve time management techniques and productivity.

Utilize Automation Tools

Automation applications allow professionals to create automated workflows and save time. For example, a digital market could share new blogs automatically on all social media platforms and coordinate data between different apps. Tools like AppleScript or Automator eliminate repetitive tasks like batch processing, file renaming, etc.


Another way to improve efficiency is to use macOS’s Spaces feature to create different desktops for various tasks. With this, you can switch between workspaces and reduce distraction. Furthermore, the macOS built-in text replacement feature is handy for creating shortcuts for email templates and URLs. Hence, it speeds up typing and reduces repetitive tasks.

Use Extensions and Password Manager

Browser extensions like Pocket or Grammarly enhance the user experience. For example, Grammarly checks writing for spelling errors, while Pocket reduces time spent on reading. If you use multiple accounts and passwords, utilize a password manager to store login credentials and ensure strong security practices.

Utilize Social Media Management Tools

As you navigate the dynamic realm of social media marketing, anchoring your strategy with robust management tools is key to success. These tools not only streamline the process of posting but also enable you to track analytics and engage your audience effectively. Consider incorporating an email marketing app such as Direct Mail for Mac into your arsenal; its customizable signup forms and email templates facilitate seamless email creation. Additionally, platforms like Zoho Social offer a comprehensive suite of features for managing social networks, including scheduling posts, monitoring keywords, and tracking conversions. To integrate your social media accounts into OS X, navigate to the “Apple Menu,” drop anchor at “System Preferences,” and select the accounts you wish to add. This integration ensures that you can navigate the ever-changing tides of digital marketing with precision and reach your targeted mailing lists with ease.

Strategically Enable and Disable Notifications


Customize notifications when you are working to reduce distraction. Activate the Do Not Disturb mode to silence notifications. Alternatively, mute distractions from non-essential apps while prioritizing updates from clients and essential tools.


Digital marketers need many apps and tools to enhance creativity and increase productivity. Luckily, the internet ensures you are always in good supply. Integration tools streamline workflow and increase efficiency. The best CRM software, email marketing apps, SEO, and social media applications run natively on macOS. Therefore, implement the tricks above to manage client interaction and save time and stress.

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