Growing a business with social media marketing is not hard at all. Many small to medium enterprises have used it and still tend to use it to grow customers. So before, I start with enlightening you about what is Social Media Marketing, I want you to ask yourself what exactly it is.

How do we socially market our brands or business?

Social Medias have billions of active users, especially when the time is after or before work. In the 22nd Century, everyone has a phone. 80% of the people who use a phone use a social media. People think Social Media Marketing is all about promotion and just for getting inquiries. Yes! that is partially true, but you can do a whole lot more with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

So, What do we do next? Well, many of you may have heard of Dietician Hub. Mainly, the customers that inquire about the service all come through social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. In fact, we haven’t even got the slightest chance to work on SEO or Email Marketing for over 3,000 leads generated in it.

Social Media Marketing

How do influencers contribute to your brand or business

First and foremost, consider your budget; this will assist you choose the type of influencer you can afford. Micro influencers may be prepared to offer services in exchange for money, but macro influencers will want a large sum of money. Decide what you want to achieve after you’ve limited down your budget. What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)? This way, you’ll be able to keep track of your accomplishments.

Influencers are genuine and will be there for a long time. Identify the local influencers, or individuals who can encourage your target audience to move, and make contact with them. Make sure you have a strategy in place before inviting them to stay at your place.

Marketing a business or a brand on social media is not hard at all. Here, I will list down the type of businesses and the best method to do the promotion stuff on social media.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurant and Hospitality Business

More exposure, increased direct bookings, and improved brand recognition are all benefits of hotel social media marketing. With an increasing number of guests using social media to obtain inspiration for their next vacation, it has become an important aspect of any marketing campaign.

Potential and regular clients will be able to communicate with your brand if you publish consistently on your channels, and you will be able to remind them that your brand is worth it. It also gives you the opportunity to engage with these users on a deeper level. You can assist generate more reservations by being consistent and following an ideal plan.

First and Foremost thing is never to underestimate an influencers power. Think of it once, why do major brands use influencers.

Social media techniques that span the globe

How do we make plans based on the seasons?

  • Make careful to organize your strategy around seasonality as you begin. Seasonality can relate to what to publish during certain holidays, as well as a plan based on low, mid, and peak seasons. Depending on the time of year and what you’re attempting to accomplish, your material will alter.

  • In low season, you’ll want to encourage bookings by promoting special seasonal deals or thematic packages. During peak season, on the other hand, you may utilize social media to promote your hotel as the “place to be,” encouraging people to book early so they don’t miss out on next year’s peak season.

    You may utilize the tools given by your property management system, such as Mews, to determine when income is low and ensure that sponsored social media advertisements are used to optimize revenues. Mews Operations lets you to apply customizable criteria to optimize inventory and rates, as well as bundle pricing to assist you pick which discounts to offer across your various channels.

    How do we establish a human connection

    Make use of your channels to give your hotel a face. Create a human connection with potential visitors by letting them know who is behind your staff. Once a week, on each of your social media accounts, highlight a member of your team. Create raffles, competitions, polls, and ask guests for comments to interact with them.

    Do they like to view additional photographs of hotel rooms, travel locations near the hotel, or restaurant recommendations? Making your followers feel included in your messaging increases their desire to stay in touch with your hotel. Tag your visitors in the photos you share on social media to encourage them to follow you and repost.

    Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands

    The worldwide online fashion business is expected to rise to $872 billion by 2023. 74 percent of buyers rely on social media to assist them make purchasing decisions. Because of the fashion industry’s emphasis on lifestyle, aesthetics, and culture, marketers have a lot of opportunities to leverage social media to develop their business, boost brand loyalty, and drive traffic to their mobile app. Furthermore, major fashion firms have demonstrated the effectiveness of social media marketing across a variety of platforms.

    How do we get started?

    • Connect your brand with your Audience: Keeping up with the newest trends and fashion-related thought leadership may help you create a stronger relationship with your audience and a loyal following. “Consumers are increasingly expecting their individualism to be better catered to: Some 43 percent of 18–34-year-old US fashion customers say they prefer a company that matches their morals and values,” according to a Facebook business insights update.

    • Increase Brand Awareness: Even if you aren’t selling things directly on social media, having a well-curated presence on a platform is beneficial for brand exposure and loyalty.

    • Get Your Advertisement Campaigns Started: Paid marketing may be done on social media, and having a strong presence there will help you meet your company’s objectives. You may also give specials and unique offers to people on specific social media networks to reward your following.

    Social Media Marketing for Travel and Tourism Industry

    Social Media Marketing for travels and tourism industry just needs a little clarification. Since, I have worked with various travel companies, I literally had to give up on it. The main reason why the multiple travel agencies fail is because of their lack of interest to grow their business. You see, I have talked to various people who are great social media officers in failing travel agencies.

    The main reason for their failure is their lack of dedication in their business. Besides that, most of them think about social media marketing just as a way of getting likes and shares. But the whole fact is wrong.

    Here is how you truly market a Travel and Tourism Business

    Tourism is a very competitive sector. When tourist businesses understand the potential benefits of social media for their business, they look for strategies to raise brand recognition.

    • Content marketing truly works out: How do you attract people to choose your agency, when there are thousand of other agencies that provide the same thing. The answer to that is content. Videos content tends to work the best for different travel agencies.
    • Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing will go a long way toward making your company stand out amid the crowd. You may contact tourism influencers and professionals after defining your target area and audience. You won’t believe how quickly your brand will get fans as a result of influencers.
    • Increase your visibility: Because the tourist sector is large and seasonal, you must be flexible when it comes to time. Every area, whether well-known or unknown, has its own season. Digital marketing organizations can assist you in creating current campaigns to promote your newest offerings.

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