Budget-friendly and family vacation are two polar opposite words that just don’t make sense in the same sentence. As inflation is on the rise planning family vacation seems like a luxury that only a millionaire can afford. The more you try to save money, the more you will find ways of spending it. 

As a solo traveler, you can save money very easily, you can be on a shoestring budget and travel a whole country just by hitchhiking and living in shared hostels. On the contrary family, vacations mean some tranquil time, prioritizing family safety, and picking some good time over some thrifty spending. This is where you need to rely on travel apps with a lot of promo codes, discounts, and off-season sales so you can turn your family vacation into a budget-friendly trip. 

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Travel Apps for Your Next Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

As the saying goes, there is an app for every problem in your life, (maybe not true), but tech companies are now coming up with some exceptional travel apps that can help you reduce the travel costs exponentially. In short, you will be maximizing the value of your money by getting the best luxury hotels, cheapest flights, best food, and more within your budget. 

Post-paendemic, the travel industry has seen a sharp spike. People prefer collecting memories compared to collecting money. You will find the play store and app store cluttered with travel apps of all types. With so many apps claiming to help you save money, confusion only increases. You need to only get apps that are worth your time and effort. 

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If you are currently struggling with travel apps, here are some of the tried and tested apps that will help you save money. Since the focus is on saving money while enjoying a family vacation, these apps will make sure you show a good time to your family. 

  1. LoungeBuddy

Available on: iOS 

Pricing: free 

Why choose this app? Find free waiting lounges  

Traveling with family means waiting while your kids cry as you try to find a clean seat to sit and some sad, soggy but expensive food to keep them occupied. The only place where you can find some time to breathe and relax without getting distracted is the waiting lounge. However, unless you do not have a membership or traveling business class, you can forget about accessing the waiting lounge. 

LoungeBbuddy, is a lifesaver in this regard, just add airline status and credit card info and you will have access to the nearest airport lounge. Even without all these details, the app will direct you to the nearest one-day pass lounge or any open free lounge. 

  1. Skyscanner

Available on: iOS and android 

Pricing: free 

Why choose this app? Find cheapest flights  

The biggest chunk of the vacation budget is spent on flights. Since, flight fare is an essential and there is no way to skip it so, you have to pay for it nonetheless. Now with the Skyscanner app, you can find the cheapest flights for your vacation. To use the app, you can take help from the price filter, just add travel dates and choose the flight conditions. 

If you have flexible flying dates, this app will offer you the best discounts. Also, you can scan through the app before setting the vacation dates to figure out the ideal time for traveling while targeting maximum savings. For the best savings and to stay updated, you can also explore the top offers and turn on the price alerts. 

  1. Booking.com

Available on: iOS and android 

Pricing: free 

Why choose this app? Find the cheapest accommodations, flights, rental cars, and tours   

For your holiday accommodation, you need a place with a good view, the best amenities, and an ideal location so you can easily navigate around the city. With booking.com you get all this information and more than 20% discount on each booking. 

From ideal location to best add-ons, this app offers everything. You can set location preference, date preference, and price limit to search for the best accommodation. From fancy cottages to couple suits and even private residences, you can book almost all kinds of accommodations for your family. Apart from a place to stay, you can also book cheap flights, cab rides, private tours, and car rental services. 

  1. Yelp

Available on: iOS and android 

Pricing: free 

Why choose this app? Find the cheapest food spots and local restaurants in your vicinity    

Deciding what to eat and where to eat while you are in a foreign land can be exhausting. you might as well end up at a place that promises good food but tastes average and asks you to pay a hefty amount for it. With Yelp, you can browse food spots that offer good food. From cheap food options to the cuisine of your choice. 

This app offers a broad range of local, fancy, and gourmet restaurants that you can visit. You can also use yelp for reservations, advance food bookings, and price scanning. Moreover, it also allows you to get food delivered to your doorstep at any time. Yelp is currently broadening its range so travelers can get more facilities like dry cleaning, massage service, and salon services. 

XE Currency Converter

Available on: iOS and android 

Pricing: free with limited features 

Why choose this app? Find the cheapest foreign currency conversion rates     

International trips mean you need to keep an eye on currency conversion rates. For all your foreign trips currency updates, XE currency conversion is the best option. The app allows you to stay updated on recent FOREX trends. 

With the help of this conversion app, you can easily follow trends and buy the currency when it is the cheapest. It also allows you to keep a tab on more than 20 currencies simultaneously, so you can monitor the trends and prices accordingly. This basic version of this app is free but you will get to see ads. For a better user experience, you can upgrade to the beta version by paying up to £1.99. 

Bottom Line

Traveling with the family can be very daunting especially when you are handling the planning and budgeting. However, with these apps, planning will become a breeze and you will save a lot. 

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