Joe Gatto is an American actor, comedian, and producer, although he is most well-known for his role as one of the four original cast members of the critically acclaimed comedy television series Impractical Jokers.

Joe Gatto

The decision that The New Yorker took not so long ago to stop appearing on the show has recently garnered a lot of attention.

Joe Gatto Biography: Wiki, Birthday, Parents and Early Life

Joseph Gatto’s parents, Joseph Sr. and Gerri, brought him into the world in the borough of Staten Island. Alcoholism took the life of both of Gatto’s parents; his father went away in 1995, and his mother passed away in June of 2012. Gina and Carla are Gatto’s older sisters, and their middle name is Gatto.

Gatto, who is of Italian ancestry, received his education at Monsignor Farrell High School, a Roman Catholic institution that admits only males. In that location, he became a member of the Improvisation Club alongside his good friends Sal Vulcano, James Murray, and Brian Quinn.

Gatto continued his education by enrolling at LIU Post, a prestigious private university in Brookville, New York, from which he graduated with a degree in accounting.

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Before he began his career in comedy full-time, he worked as a salesperson at both a baby retail store and a Nissan car dealership. His first job was at a baby retail store, and his second job was at the Nissan car dealership. Following graduation from college, the four performers got back together to establish their band, which they dubbed the Tenderloins.

The Wealth of Joe Gatto and His Career

Before 2007, Gatto and his other competitors had amassed millions of views on YouTube and Myspace with their comedic skits. A fast forward to the year 2021 reveals that their hidden camera show on TruTV has successfully completed an impressive nine seasons.

According to reports, each of the four main cast members makes around $50,000 every episode. Impractical Jokers has maintained its position as the original series with the greatest ratings and longest running time on the network. On TruTV, the show may be seen virtually nonstop throughout the day and night.

Since the year 2019, Gatto and the Jokers have been involved in many other activities that generate income. First, she had a leading role on The Mystery Index, a show that aired on TBS and was hosted by Jameela Jamil. Then, after producing and distributing a film under the title Impractical Jokers: The Movie, they brought their product to the attention of a wider audience.

During the previous four years, Gatto and the group have participated in a few tours that have been quite successful. Their travels under the name “Where’s Larry? “, “Santiago Sent Us,” and “Cranjis McBasketball” were watched by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of devoted followers.

The ensemble was able to pull off three nights at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and the O2 Arena in London that were all completely sold out. Gatto has amassed a sizeable fortune thanks to the sale of items, which can now be purchased through a variety of retail websites, including Etsy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Gatto, just like every other performer out there, generates a chunk of his revenue only via the use of social media. In addition to the 1.1 million people that follow him on Twitter, he currently has 1.9 million people following him on Instagram.

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Gatto looks determined to continue his passion for comedy by performing solo gigs beginning in 2022, despite the fact that he recently made the decision to move away from the show. Also significant is the fact that Gatto, as a member of the Tenderloins, won the top prize of one hundred thousand dollars on NBC’s It’s Your Show in 2007 for their comic skit titled “Time Thugs.”

Joe Gatto: Family, Wife and Children

Gatto and Bessy Haggar got married in 2013, but in December of 2021, the comedian made the announcement that they were no longer together. The couple has been together for a long time and has been blessed with two children: a girl called Milana and a son named Remington. Gatto was forced to leave the show Impractical Jokers after nine seasons due to his own personal problems.

Gatto further on his explanation by adding, “However, owing to several challenges in my personal life, I am unable to continue.” Since Bessy and I have mutually agreed to go our own ways, my immediate priority is to concentrate on being an excellent father and co-parent to our two amazing children.

In addition to his offspring, Gatto has a soft spot in his heart for canines (and Italian desserts). Biscotti, Tartufo, Zeppole, Spumoni, Pignoli, Cannoli, and Napoleon are some of the names he has given to his canine companions in the past.

The Height of Joe Gatto

The Staten Islander has a height of around five feet and ten inches, which is 1.78 meters. In point of fact, each of the four Jokers is approximately the same height as the other. With a height of five feet and eleven inches, Murr holds the title of being the tallest. Throughout this entire discussion, both Sal and Q have been described as being around the same height as Joe.

How old is Joe Gatto? (In Reality, How Old Is Joe Gatto?)

Gatto, who has been working in the comedy industry for nearly two decades at this point, will be 46 years old in the year 2022. In 1994, he and the other members of the Jokers all received their high school diplomas; they were all born in 1976.

In point of fact, Gatto is the only other member of the friend group who is a parent at this current juncture in time. Additionally, he was the only one of the group to already have a wife before Murr got engaged in the year 2020.

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