The American journalist was given the name Abilio James Acosta on November 17, 1971. He was born in Washington, District of Columbia, although he spent his childhood in Annandale, Virginia, with his parents.

Jim Acosta is of mixed origin, with his father being of Cuban descent and having immigrated to the United States from Cuba at the age of 11 in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Jim’s mother is of Puerto Rican descent. On the other side, his mother (Jim Acosta) has roots in both the Irish and Czech countries.

James Acosta
NameAbilio James Acosta
BirthdayApril 17, 1971
Net Worth$4 Million 

How much is James Acosta’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

James Acosta began his professional life in 1993 and has through many highs and lows on his way to become one of the most well-known figures in the media. As of the year 2020, it is anticipated that he has a net worth of around $5 Million. His annual income is estimated to be something in the neighborhood of 700,000 dollars.

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James Acosta’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

There is no information available at this time on who Jim could be dating. It’s likely that he isn’t dating anybody right now. He had a previous life as a married guy. In 1994, he wed Sharon Mobley Stow. They had no children. In July of 2017, they divorced each other. They have been given the gift of parenthood in the form of three children: two girls and a boy. There is presently no information known about them. We will be updating it very shortly. The District of Columbia in the United States is presently his home.

James Acosta’s Social Media

On Twitter, Jim Acosta posts under the handle @Acosta, and he also uses the handle @Jimacosta when he posts on Instagram.

James Acosta’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

Jim is an impressively tall guy with an endearing disposition. His height is around 1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches), and his weight is close to 80 kg (176 lbs). He seems to be fair-skinned, with brown hair and eyes, and brown hair. There is presently no information available on his shoe size or his body measurements.

James Acosta’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

After receiving his degree in 1993, Jim Acosta started his career in journalism by taking a job at WMAL, a commercial AM news/talk radio station located in Washington, DC. It was there that he began his work covering local and national news. The year after that, in 1994, he made the transition into television by finding a position with WTTG-TV, a firm that was owned by Fox; nonetheless, he was dissatisfied with the work and wanted to participate in the action. As a result, he became a reporter for WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he also sometimes served as a presenter for the station. That was the answer he was seeking for all along. Therefore, he remained there for three years until departing in 1998 to work for KTVT-TV in Dallas (1998-2000) and WBBM-TV in Chicago (2000-present) (2000-2001). a journalist.

James Acosta
Age51 years
Weight80 kg
SpouseSharon Mobley Stow (Divorced)
ChildrenPeter, Hartley

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