Doniya Malik is a well-known make-up artist from in the United Kingdom. She is also a beauty and fashion blogger, businesswoman, and social media darling. She is renowned all over the world as the older sister of Zayn Malik, who is a well-known pop singer and a former member of the band One Direction.

On social media sites, particularly Instagram and Twitter, she is particularly well-known for posting information related to her lifestyle, fashion, and modeling photographs. This has contributed to her popularity. In addition to that, she runs a website under the name Sparkle Rockchick. Doniya Malik’s age is 31 years (as of 2022). She was born under the sign of Aries.

Doniya Malik
NameDoniya Malik
ProfessionMake-up artist
BirthdayApril 19, 1991
Net Worth$1.3 million US Dollars

How much is Doniya Malik’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

It is estimated that Doniya Malik’s current net worth is more than $1.3 million US Dollars. A significant percentage of her income is generated through various business endeavors, social media platforms, advertising, modeling, and brand promotions. Doniya has a joyful and opulent life thanks to the respectable amount that she has saved.

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Doniya Malik’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

The 19th of April, 1991 finds Doniya Malik being brought into the world in Bradford, England. She was born in England, where she now resides, and was raised in the Muslim faith by her parents. Since a very young age, Doniya has a strong sense of self-motivation and a keen interest in the world of beauty and fashion. As a direct consequence of this, she decided to pursue a profession in the same industry. Doniya is from a Muslim family that has made a comfortable life for themselves in Bradford, England.

Her paternal grandfather, Yaser Malik, was from Pakistan, and her maternal grandmother, Patricia Brannan Trisha Malik, was born and raised in England. She is the eldest of three younger children, including a brother and two sisters. Her brother, Zayn Malik, is a well-known pop singer who once sang with the internationally acclaimed band One Direction. While her sisters, Safaa Malik and Waliyha Malik, were prominent figures on social media and businesswomen, she was a model.

It’s interesting to note that Doniya, together with her sisters and mother, manages a few different companies. There is a profound connection between Zayn and Doniya. When asked about her relationship with Zayn, Doniya once remarked, “Because me and Zayn are extremely similar in age, we’ve grown up together… Actually, he pushes me around, he behaves like a big protective brother which is pretty wonderful at times.”

Doniya Malik’s Social Media

Doniya Malik’s Instagram account, which can be found at @doniyabeauty, has a total of 851 posts and 640 thousand followers. Additionally, she may be found on Twitter under the handle @DoniyaElisha.

Doniya Malik’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

Doniya Malik’s height is around 170 centimeters, and her weight is approximately 55 kilograms. She has dark brown eyes and black hair. Her eyes are a dark brown color, and her hair is a dark brown hue as well. She has sculpted her body into something really magnificent and alluring.

Doniya Malik’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Doniya Malik attended Tong High School throughout her high school years. Following that, she went on to study at the University of Bradford. Doniya, who has been obsessed with fashion and beauty since she was a little child, made the decision to pursue a career in the fashion sector once she completed her education. As a direct consequence of this, she launched a career as a beauty and fashion blogger.

In the beginning of 2016, Doniya, together with her mother Trisha and sister Waliyha, founded a beauty parlor in Bradford that they referred to as Waliyha Beauty. In addition to this, Doniya and Waliyha are the proprietors of a beauty goods brand known as Daliyha Beauty. Their distinctive line of eyelashes has been available as of the year 2018, according to the most recent information. Doniya was a customer service adviser for a major gas and electric provider in the past, until she decided to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and blogging.

Doniya is a name that is well-known and well-established in the realm of social media at this point in time. Due to the fact that she posts images of her lifestyle, as well as fashion, modeling, and travel, on her Instagram account under the handle doniyabeauty, she has amassed a large number of followers. She is also famous for being Zayn Malik’s sister, which helped her rise to fame.

Doniya Malik
Age31 Years
Weight55 kg
Height170 centimeters

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