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Andrea Larosa: Biography, Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Physical Stats and Extra News

Andrea Larosa is a well-known figure on Italian social media and also competes professionally in calisthenics. He is a world-renowned fitness trainer who rose to prominence on the internet because to his accounts on the social media platforms Youtube and Instagram. The majority of Andrea’s fame stems from the street fitness routines he does.

As a fitness trainer and social media star, he is most known for his accomplishment of winning the world calisthenics championship a total of six times. His career in social media was kickstarted in 2013 with the release of the video “Street Workout Motivation” song “Remember The Name.” In 2017, he was given the chance to participate on the reality television show “Italia Got Talent,” in which both the judges and the public were blown away by his ripped physique and endearing attitude. Since 2013, Andrea has been using her skills as a self-taught athlete to work as a fitness trainer. Since 2015, he has been victorious in a number of national and international contests, and he has shown no signs of slowing down in his pursuit of a career in fitness.

Andrea Larosa
NameAndrea Larosa
Professionprofessional Calisthenics athlete
BirthdayDecember 30, 1995
Net Worth$500,00K

How much is Andrea Larosa’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

As a result of his work in the fitness industry, Andrea Larosa has generated an average income. It is anticipated that he will have a net worth of around $500,000 by the year 2022. The majority of his revenue comes from his work as a fitness trainer and as a social media post writer.

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Andrea Larosa’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

On the 30th of December in the year 1995, Andrea Larosa was born in the city of Rome, Italy. Concerning Andrea Larosa’s family, there is now no precise information available, but the readers will most certainly be provided with an update addressing this matter in the very near future.

Since he was a little child, he has been an enthusiastic and dogged athlete, and he began his sporting career by training in kickboxing. When he was 17, he started seeking for information on bodyweight training and came upon the discipline of Calisthenics. He immediately started reading up on how it was performed and the different training techniques.

Andrea Larosa’s Social Media

On Instagram, Andrea Larosa can be found posting under the handle @larosa sw. He has amassed 567 thousand followers and has made 522 posts.

Andrea Larosa’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

His weight is roughly 60 kilograms, and he is about 5 feet 8 inches tall on average. Andrea Larosa’s height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches.

Andrea Larosa’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

2013 was the beginning of Andre’s career as an athlete, and he did it by teaching himself the sport. His street training routines, which can be seen on his YouTube page and have amassed more than thousands of subscribers, are the primary reason for his widespread notoriety. He competed in the Street Workout World Championship and represented his nation.

He is a self-taught fitness trainer and a part of a well-known exercise team known as “Street Workout.” He encourages people to be fit and healthy via the many workshops, seminars, and YouTube videos he has created. In addition to that, he maintains his own personal gym, where he instructs others on how to maintain their health and the significance of being in shape.

Andrea Larosa
Age27 years
Weight60 kg

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