Casey Simpson is an American actor and television artist who has earned acclaim all over the world for his portrayal of memorable characters in a variety of films and television shows, including KC! Pop Quiz 2021, Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove 2020, To the Beat!: Back 2 School 2020, Liza on Demand 2019, and many others.

Lovestruck is a comedy-drama film directed by Sanaa Hamri, and it was the vehicle through which he first rose to prominence as an actor. He played a fantastic character in the film. In which he appeared with well-known performers such as Richard Roxburgh, Rachel Bilson, and Kathleen Turner.

Casey Simpson
NameCasey Simpson
ProfessionActor, Youtuber
BirthdayApril 6, 2004
Net Worth$1 million

How much is Casey Simpson’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

It is possible, as of this moment in 2022, to estimate that Casey Simpson, a gifted Indian child actor, has a net worth of around one million dollars US. Acting in a number of films and television programs is by far the most significant contributor to his financial success.

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Casey Simpson’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Casey Simpson entered the world on April 6, 2004, in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, United States. Since the beginning of his internet presence, Casey Simpson has refrained from publishing any accurate information on his family online. We are aware that he was born in the United States of America into a respectable family, and that he spent the most of his youth with her sister. Sabrina Simpson is the name of the elder sibling who is referred to as his sister.

Casey Simpson’s Social Media

Casey Simpson has 1.7 million followers on his Instagram account, which is located at @caseysimpson. He has posted a total of 1304 times. Additionally, he has a Tiktok account that can be found under the handle @iamCaseySimpson.

Casey Simpson’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

Casey Simpson is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 59 kilograms. His height is nearly the same as his weight.

Casey Simpson’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

The outstanding actor Casey Simpson started his early acting career by working with Frank Caliendo and John Bowman in the television series Frank TV, which had both dramatic and comedic elements. In the show, he shared scenes with well-known performers from other television programs, such as Frank Caliendo, Mike MacRae, and others. His performance in the series was remarkable, and both fans and reviewers had many positive things to say about it.

In the latter part of the year 2010, he made an appearance on the Craig Thomas-created comedic romantic television series How I Met Your Mother. The next year, 2011, Casey appeared in five different comedies and dramas. In 2019, the game show known as KC! Pop Quiz broadcast a total of 39 episodes starring Casey. In the year 2020, Casey played the extraordinary part of Josh Dare in a movie directed by Rick Spalla titled Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove. The plot of the film was based on an adventure and fantasy story.

Casey Simpson
Age18 Years
Weight59 Kg
Height1.6 m

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