William Joseph Bratton CBE is a lawyer and businessman who served as New York City’s police commander for two terms. He was formerly the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was the only person to command the police departments in both New York and Los Angeles, the country’s two biggest cities.

Bratton is presently the Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council of the United States Government, which includes the British Government’s advisory role in the police sector.

Over the course of his five decades as a contemporary American architect. He has been working as a police officer to reduce crime and develop relationships between the community and those who serve and protect it from criminals.

Who is William Bratton? Biography, Birthday, Nationality and Family

Bill Bratton served as a police commissar in the cities of New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. He now fears that much of what he helped to create is crumbling. However, according to journalist Mark Whitaker, there are grounds to assume that positive change is taking place.

William Bratton

William was born on October 6, 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is now approximately 74 years old. When it comes to his zodiac sign, he is a Libra. Bill Bratton’s father, William E. Bratton, a World War II Navy veteran from Massachusetts, died at the age of 89. He was a humble man who really believed in his good fortune.

He was a humble man who really believed he had been given a good life. During his lifetime, his father had a fantastic loving relationship with his mother. In 2007, his mother, who was 80 years old at the time, died of emphysema and congestive heart failure. Also, the pair had been married for 65 years. According to his profile, Bratton is of American descent and of white ancestry.

William Bratton on his Career

Bratton began his career as a police officer with the Boston Police Department. Bratton moved to Boston in 1970 to start a career as a police officer, and became an official in October 1970. Furthermore, he was promoted to sergeant in July 1975 and lieutenant in March 1978.

William Bratton

During his time as a Boston Police Officer, Bratton earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Public Service from Boston State College in 1975.

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At the age of 32, and 10 years after his hiring as a BPD officer, Bratton was made the youngest executive superintendent of the Boston Police Department, the department’s second-highest position.

Bratton was Fired as an Executive Superintendent

He was fired as executive superintendent after telling a reporter that his ambition was to become the Police Commissioner. Furthermore, he was reassigned the Inspector of Bureaux in charge of interactions with minority groups and LGBBTQ communities.

He was finally returned to the police headquarters to deal with job and problems. From 1983 to 1986, he was the Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission Police Superintendent before becoming the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Chief of Police (MBTA).

How much is William Bratton’s Net Worth?

William Bratton, an American lawyer and businessman, with a net worth of $500,000. Overall, he has made a decent living from his career.

Bratton served as Chief Superintendent of the Boston Police Department from 1992 to 1993 and was the city’s 34th police officer. Besides that, he has the department’s highest value award.

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Peter Knobler’s book, “How America’s Top Cop Returned the Crime Epidemic,” was released by Random House in 1998. In the year 1998. Furthermore, The New York Times named it a noteworthy book of the year. Department.

Is William Bratton Married? Wife

Bratton was married four times. He is married to Rikki Klieman, a lawyer and a TruTV commentator, and has a son called David from a previous marriage.

Cheryl Fiandaca, a news anchorwoman, was Bratton’s wife. He also married a lawyer who was the Boston Police Speaker at the time.

William Bratton Picture

Bratton has a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement from Boston University and has worked as a research fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Is he active on social platforms? His Vision

We looked for him on every social media platform available, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He is, however, solely on Twitter and Instagram. He has 48.1k Twitter followers and 8.1k Instagram followers.

The concept of smashed windows, a criminal theory of normalization and signals for rising crime and non-social behavior of urban disorder and vandalism, has influenced Bratton’s police style. Also, he thinks that gangs should be dealt with harshly by a populace representative of a diverse ethnic police force, and that anti-social behavior should be firmly prohibited.

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