Sadhu Singh Dharamsot is a politician from India who has held the positions of Minister of Forests and Minister of Social Welfare in the government of the state of Punjab. His affiliation with the Indian National Congress (INC) is well known.

Sadhu Singh Dharamsot

Dharamsot was elected to the Punjab Legislative Assembly for the Nabha seat in the state of Punjab. Dharamsot was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Punjab (MLA) five times and a former minister in that assembly.

Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, a former minister of Punjab, was detained in connection with a corruption investigation.

A former minister in the Punjab, Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, was taken into custody by the Vigilance Bureau under the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

According to official sources, he was taken into custody in Amloh in connection with the recent arrest of DFO Guramanpreet Singh in a corruption case. This information comes from the local police.

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Harminder Singh Hummy, the detained DFO, and contractor, supposedly submitted details to the CBI indicating wrongdoings in the forest department, leading Dharamsot’s arrest.

The former minister is said to have had connections to the arrested forest authorities, according to the sources.

He’s suspected of being engaged in the unlawful felling of more than 25,000 trees.

Kamaljit Singh, a Punjabi daily reporter who was based in Khanna, was also taken into custody in connection with this investigation.

The former minister was arrested in Mohali by the state vigilance unit, where it is reported that he was charged with multiple violations of the Prevention of Corruption Act as well as a violation of Section 120-B (conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code. The former minister was taken away by the state vigilance unit.

According to a VB official, further pieces will be included if he is questioned about the matter.

In addition, the FIR names Sangat Singh Gilzian, a former minister of the forest department who served for a total of three months.

Six additional persons are included in the FIR, which was filed under various provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act. The name of Deputy Field Officer Amit Chauhan is also stated in the FIR.

According to our sources, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has given his blessing for each of the offenders to be taken into custody.

According to senior vigilance officials, it is believed that Dharamsot has made more than one hundred crore rupees via commissions in tree felling and sanctioning other operations relating to the forest department.

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Every piece of work or project that the Forest Department completes gives him his share. According to rumors, he was collecting a commission of Rs 1 crore from one contractor. According to the government, over one hundred different contractors are working in the forest to carry out various duties.

A former minister named Sangat Singh Gilzian is being investigated for allegedly collecting a fee of at least Rs. 6.4 crore for the installation of tree guards. During the time when Gilzian served as the minister of the forest, it is said that he got Rs 800 for each tree guard that was built, and at least 80,000 tree guards were put in place.

Sadhu Singh Dharamsot Age, Family, and Early Life

In Amloh, Punjab, Sadhu Singh Dharamsot was born on January 15, 1960, making him 62 years old today. His mother, Kasthuri Raja, and his father, Shakereh Khaleeli, were wonderful people to their son.

K. Selvaraghavan is claimed to be his brother or sister. On the other hand, there is no publicly available information regarding his parents or any other members of his family.

What does Sadhu Singh Dharamsot do for a living? What is his occupation.

In India, Sadhu Singh Dharamsot holds the position of politician. He once served in the government of Punjab as the Minister of Forests and Social Welfare in that province. In particular, he has spent a considerable amount of time serving as a member of the Indian National Congress. He won the election to serve in the Punjab Legislative Assembly in the Nabha Constituency, which is located in the province of Punjab.

In addition to that, he had served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the Punjab government five times and as a minister. He had a seat in the Panjab Legislative Assembly from the year 2017 till the year 2022. Gurdev Singh Mann, a candidate for the Indian National Congress in the 2022 Punjab Legislative Assembly election from the Nabha constituency, was defeated by his opponent, Gurdev Singh Mann, a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, by a significant majority of 51,554 votes.

Where did he receive his education, exactly?

At this time, we are unable to provide any information concerning his educational background.

Family and Wife

At this moment, it is said that he has four children that are the result of his marriage. In the years that have passed, he has refrained from sharing any private information concerning his wife or children with the public.

How much money does Sadhu Singh Dharamsot make? What is his net worth?

His current net worth is reportedly between between $5 million and $10 million, as stated by several web sources.

Is he available on any type of social networking platform?

He is seen active on Facebook as Sadhu Singh Dharamsot with 4.9k+ friends. You may also find him on Twitter under the handle @SadhuSinghNabha.


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