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Meet Shasta Groene: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Family, and Biography

Shasta Groene was the only person to survive the kidnapping that occurred in 2005 when Joseph Duncan took her when she was eight years old. Shasta has been found out, and everyone’s attention has been drawn to the tattoo she has.

Shasta Groene

The tattoos that Shasta Groene has and their respective meanings.

Above Shasta Groene’s left and right eyes, respectively, she has the phrases “Fear God” and “Midnight” tattooed on her face. In addition to that, she has an insignia of the Oakland Raiders tattooed on the left side of her neck, as well as a little cross tattooed beneath the right eye.

The name of her mother’s maiden name is tattooed on her arm, and she often looks at it. A constant manifestation of the affection that she maintains for him even now. The tattoo that she has placed over her left eye represents spirituality or trust in a higher power, and it has the potential to inspire courage in the face of hardship.

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The little cross that is tattooed behind the right eye serves as a sign not just of defiance but also of devotion for the deity.

The sole surviving member of a family that was brutally murdered in Idaho is interviewed for a broadcast that lasts for two hours.

Investigation Discovery will begin airing a four-part documentary on the disappearance of a little girl and her family in northern Idaho on Monday evening. Each episode will be two hours long.

The article “People Magazine Investigates: Groene Family Massacre” digs more into the intriguing case that occurred in Coeur D’Alene in 2005.

The bodies of Slade Groene, his mother Brenda Groene, and her husband Mark McKenzie were discovered tied together and beaten to death inside the Groene house, according to the authorities. Slade Groene was revealed to be the only survivor of the three. Brenda’s two youngest children, Dylan and Shasta Groene, are no longer living with her. They have moved out.

Amber Alerts were sent out, and extensive search operations were initiated, but it wasn’t until Shasta made a visit to Denny’s at two in the morning that a waitress identified her as the one who had taken the child. After hastily rushing to the restaurant, the police were able to take Joseph Duncan into custody. According to the findings of the investigation, Duncan tormented both Shasta and Dylan before ultimately taking Dylan’s life in front of his sister.

Duncan was found guilty of the crimes and sentenced to death for them, as well as the murder of Anthony Martinez, who was 10 years old at the time and took place in California in 1997. Additionally, he acknowledged to killing two small children in the Seattle area in the year 1996; however, he was never prosecuted with these murders. On death row in March of 2021, he succumbed to brain cancer and passed away.

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On the Investigation Discovery program, there is a rare interview with Shasta Groene, as well as her grandma and other members of the family.

Details about Shasta Groene’s Childhood, Age, and Family

Shasta Groene, who was taken from her family in 2005 when she was only eight years old and is now 25 years old, was taken from her family when she was only eight years old.

She was subjected to abuse and struggled to cope with the event; nevertheless, she has made the decision to live her life in a manner that does not enable her hatred to govern her. She has decided to live her life in a way that does not allow her hatred to rule her.

Shasta’s mother and stepfather, Brenda and Mark, were discovered brutally killed inside their house in Coeur d’Alene. Slade was Shasta’s biological father.

Deputies quickly came to the conclusion that two young children, a sister named Shasta and her brother named Dylan, were missing.

What does Shasta Groene do for a living? What is her occupation.

There is no information known concerning Shasta’s professional activities at this time. We are completely unaware of the nature of the work that she does.

What can you tell us about Shasta Groene’s Husband and her Relationship?

The union of Michael Groene and Shasta Groene has been consummated. Michael, Shasta’s husband, is the one responsible for her care.

Because he seems to be rather private with his life, not a lot of information is available about her marriage.

Is it possible to connect with her through any of the many social media platforms?

We ran a fast search to locate Shasta Groene’s handle on various social media platforms. Although we discovered many accounts using the same name, none of them appeared to belong to Her.


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