The Aspen Agency is a company that produces videos for businesses, and Venita Aspen, a freelance model, serves as both the creative director and producer of the company.

Venita Aspen

Venita Aspen: Her Age, family and Early Life?

Venita was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 16th, 1993, while the astrological sign of Libra was in effect. In terms of her age, she is 28.

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Regrettably, I was unable to locate any information online that related to her biological parents.

Venita Aspen: School and College, Where did she attend?

Before beginning a career in modeling, Aspen received her education in the culinary arts. She, on the other hand, did not pursue a profession in the culinary arts.

Venita Aspen: Net Worth. How much money does she make?

People are interested in Venita Aspen’s wealth right now because it was recently revealed that she would be appearing on the upcoming eighth season of the Bravo show Southern Charm.

A formidable adversary, Venita prides herself on her appearance as a “Southern beauty.” Venita is a graduate of culinary school and a jack of all crafts in addition to being a full-time model and social media influencer.

She is well-known around Charleston for her ability to host perfect parties and look put together from head to toe. Her dearest friend and a woman she looks up to, Venita’s mother Vi, taught her how to inject a little bit of Southern enchantment into everything she does.

The information that we have indicates that Venita Aspen is worth more than 500,000 dollars. She is employed as a model, an influencer, and a businesswoman on a full-time basis.

Venita Aspen: What does she do for living? Her Career?

She began modeling when she was a small child and continues to this day because she genuinely enjoys it. She recently combined her responsibilities as a model and stylist to launch the Aspen Agency in an effort to foster an environment that is welcoming to people of different backgrounds and identities.

At the same time, Venita is continuing to post new entries to her own blog titled “Venita Aspen.”

Before she became the executive producer of her own company, she held positions as a model coach assistant during Charleston Fashion Week, a blogger for STYLEPUBLIC, and a development manager for United Colors Of Fashion Inc.

Venita Aspen: Her relationship status? Her Spouse? Her Children?

Venita Aspen does not currently have a partner in her life because she has not yet gotten married.

However, at one point in her life, she was linked romantically to a man named Alexandar Van Dyke in the public eye. It’s possible that this took place in 2014 or maybe earlier. In addition, it’s possible that they’ll keep living together at least until the beginning of 2018.

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Regrettably, there is not a great deal of information on Alexandar that can be discovered online.

Venita Aspen: Is she available on any social media platform?

Venita Aspen’s Instagram account, which can be found at @venitaaspen and has 74.8 thousand followers, has been verified.

Venita Aspen: Her physical appearance.

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Sexual OrientationStraight

Venita Aspen: Her general information.

Relationship Status May be In a relationship
SpouseMay be { Alexandar Van Dyke}
Net Worth $500,000

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