American real estate broker Raymond Craig Turner. He gained notoriety, nevertheless, as the son of Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Raymond Hill, a saxophonist with Kings of Rhythm, is also his father.

American real estate broker Raymond Craig Turner. He gained notoriety, nevertheless, as the son of Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Raymond Hill, a saxophonist with Kings of Rhythm, is also his father.

People are interested in her background, relationships, and net worth in addition to her work and family. Let’s discuss it.

Bio of Raymond Craig Turner.

Raymond, a famous child, was born in the USA in August 1958. He is a member of the white ethnicity and an American by nationality. In addition, Tina Turner and Raymond Hill were his parents.

Tina works as an actor and singer. However, his father played the saxophone. His zodiac sign was Leo, too.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about his academic background.

Connections to Craig Turner.

Craig Turner’s parents helped him become famous. Consequently, not much is known about his personal life or relationships. His parents, however, had a violent relationship.

When he was born, Tina was only 18 years old and a high school student. Raymond Hill was his biological father, but after being adopted by Ike Turner, he changed his name to Craig Raymond Turner.

Tina had a lot of previous relationships. She dated Harry Tylor in high school after meeting him at a basketball game. The former couple split up and had a child together after Harry married another woman.

She later began dating saxophonist Raymond Hill. She became pregnant while she was a senior in high school. Unfortunately, Raymond’s broken ankle sustained during a wrestling competition led to their breakup.

Ike Turner and Tina Turner’s relationship.

Their pal Raymond was Ike. From 1957 through 1960, the two were only platonic friends before starting a relationship with Ike. While Ike was living with Lorraine Taylor, their relationship began to develop romantically. Tine and Ike grew close when she was pressured into sleeping with Ike by another musician.

Before saying “I do” in October 1960, they welcomed a son, Ronnie. In 1960, the couple exchanged vows to become husband and wife. Together with their close friends and relatives, they had their wedding ceremony in Tijuana. Ike and Tina, their son Ronnie, Craig, and Ike’s two boys with Lorraine all relocated to the View Park neighborhood in 1962.

On July 1, 1976, they unfortunately got into a significant altercation while traveling to the Dallas Statler Hilton. She left Ike at that point with 35 cents and a mobile credit card. She requested a divorce after 26 days, alleging irreconcilable differences.

She also began a petition that calls for Craig and Ronnie to share custody as well as alimony payments of $4,000 per month and child support payments of $1,000 per month. Finally, their divorce was legally formalized on March 29, 1978.

She first met German music industry executive Erwin Bach in 1986, following her divorce. Although they first have a friendship, they later develop a romantic relationship. The couple was married in July 2013 after 27 years of dating. Their civil wedding took place in Kusnacht on the shores of Lake Zurich.Switzerland.

Raymond Craig Turner’s siblings.

The three siblings of Craig. Michael Turner, Ike Turner Jr., and Ronald Renelle Turner are his siblings. Michael was born on 23 February 1960, and Tuner Jr. was born on 3 October 1958.

Raymond Craig Turner

In the band Manufactured Funk, Ronald played bass guitar alongside musician and songwriter Patrick Moten. Singer Afida Turner and Craig got married. They have two kids together.

Raymond Craig Turner’s passing.

Craig is sadly no longer with us in this life. Craig passed away at 59 years old. His apparent suicide appears to be what caused his death. His self-inflicted gunshot wound was the cause of death, according to the police investigation.

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Raymond Craig Turner’s wealth.

Raymond’s occupation and professional history are still a secret. As a result, little is known about his income and net worth. His mother, Tina, is a wealthy woman with a net worth in the millions, though. Tina Turner is estimated to have a net worth of $250 million as of 2022.

Additionally, she is among the all-time best-selling recording artists. Additionally, she has sold more than 200 million records globally. She is without a doubt one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

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