Susan Indiaba Wokama, Susan Wokoma is the stage name of a well-known British actress and television star who has been in a variety of films and television shows, such as Enola Holmes, Rayeul, Crazyhead, and many more. Wokoma is also known as Susan Wokoma.

In addition to this, in 2017, Susan was recognized as one of Europe’s best newcomers by Forbes 30 under 30, and she was also included in the BAFTA breakthrough Brit list by an international jury in the same year. The date of Susan Wokoma’s birth indicates that she is now 34 years old (as of now, in 2022).

Susan Wokoma
NameSusan Indiaba Wokama
Birthday December 31, 1987 
Net Worth$ 9 million USD.

How much is Susan Wokoma’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

It is estimated that Susan Wokoma, one of the most well-known English actresses and tv artists, has a net worth of roughly nine million dollars in the United States as of this moment in 2022. According to estimates of her earnings, she brings in a significant amount of money through acting, being a well-known actress on television, and working with a variety of different fashion labels.

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Susan Wokoma’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Susan Wokoma was born on the 31st of December 1987 in the neighborhood of Peckham, which is located in the city of London, England. Both of Susan’s parents were born in Nigeria and have Nigerian ancestry. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom while her father was a part-time worker when they were younger. Due to a variety of health problems, Susan’s father passed away in the beginning of 2012. She played the character of Marie in the movie that she was in.

Susan Wokoma’s Social Media

Susan Wokoma’s social media presence includes an Instagram account with the handle @susiewoosie12, which has a total of 251 posts and 53,200 followers. Additionally, she maintains a Twitter account under the name.

Susan Wokoma’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

The estimated height of Phy Susan Wokoma is 5 feet and 7 inches, and her weight is roughly 68 kg.

Susan Wokoma’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Susan made her acting debut in the docudrama film directed by Jon East and named That Summer Day in 2006. The film was released in 2006. After that, for a significant amount of time, she didn’t appear in any of the projects. However, later in 2013, she appeared in three television series. The first was Holby City as Elsa Eze in the episode “China in Your Hands.” The second was Doctors, an opera-based series, in which she played the role of Jen Oldham in the episode “Get Smart.” The third was Hotel Trubble as Daisy for five episodes.

As a result of her outstanding performance in the preceding series, later in 2013, she was signed as a cast member in one television movie as well as a short film named Half of a Yellow Sun. This film was an Anglo-Nigerian drama film directed by Biyi Mandela, and she also appeared as a fighter in the video game Alpha: Omega. After that, in the year 2015, she portrayed Jess Manning and Megan in the movie Burn Burn Burn and The Last Hours, both of which had significant parts for which she was responsible. Susan made her debut in the mainstream acting world in 2006 with a docudrama-based hour-long film directed by Jon East Clive Bradley. The film was distributed in theaters around the country. Susan made her debut as an actress in a television series in the 2011 season of Holby City, a British television series that is a medical drama and is shown on BBC One.

Susan Wokoma
Age34 Years
Weight68 Kg

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