The year 1995 marks Qarl Correy’s entry into the world. He is 26 years old at the moment we are talking about. He is of white descent, was born in the United Kingdom, and is a citizen of the United Kingdom. He was born in the United Kingdom. Household Knight in the service of House Velaryon at High Tide, Qarl Correy is portrayed in House of the Dragon by Arty Froushan, who also plays the role. The most recent television program that has succeeded in captivating its audience’s attention is called “House of the Dragon.” Fans are going absolutely crazy about the new television program since it is a prequel to the popular series Game of Thrones.

Qarl Correy
NameQarl Correy
Net WorthN/A

How much is Qarl Correy’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

Despite this, we are unable to provide any exact information on Qarl Correy’s net worth.

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Qarl Correy’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

1995 is the year of Qarl Correy’s birth. At this point in time, he is 26 years old. He was born in the United Kingdom and is of white heritage, and he is a British citizen. It is unknown when exactly he was born or what sign of the zodiac he was born under. Regarding Qarl Correy’s parents, there is presently no information that may be disclosed to the public.

Qarl Correy’s Social Media

Correy does not participate in any online communities or social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Qarl Correy’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

Correy has black hair and eyes, however his height and weight are not specified. His eye color is also black.

Qarl Correy’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

In order to finish his academic education, Correy enrolled in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). At the time of the events that took place at High Tide, Ser Qarl Correy was serving as a household knight for House Velaryon. Despite Qarl’s modest beginnings, Ser Laenor Velaryon was expected to establish a romantic relationship with him. Laenor’s preference had always been for the gorgeous knights in his household, many of whom he undoubtedly mistook for lovers. Prince Joffrey Velaryon was named after the first notable knight, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, after whom Laenor named her third son, Joffrey Velaryon. After Ser Joffrey passed away, Laenor began to adore Ser Qarl Correy more than anybody else.

The character of Correy has won the affection of a great number of people. Strong and wonderful look as well as his postures have amazed his fans, and he is quickly becoming a fan favorite character on the program as a result of this. It’s possible that George R. R. Martin got the idea for the name Qarl from a character called Carl Corey in Roger Zelazny’s novel Nine Princes in Amber. Corey appears in the book. Martin pays tribute to Zelazny in several ways, including with House Rogers and the Pattern. Fans are really excited to see more of Correy in upcoming episodes, despite the fact that Qarl only appeared for a limited period of time on screen.

Qarl Correy
Age26 years

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