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Meet Silvana Saguto: Biography, Age, Wiki, Family, Career, Net Worth and Early Life

In spite of the fact that judge Silvana Saguto is not mentioned on Wikipedia, she has been covered in a variety of news sites as a result of the professional activities she has engaged in.

On the Netflix documentary series “Vendetta,” Silvana Saguto serves as a judge.

Silvana Saguto

On September 24th, the first episode of The Vendetta, the Truth, and the Mafia, an original documentary series produced by Netflix, was made available online. The protagonists of this novel are a journalist and a judge who are always accusing one another of being in charge of and providing support for mafia property that has been seized.

Where can we find Silvana Saguto at this time?

In addition, Silvana was accused by the prosecution with receiving money from Gaetano at her home in June of 2015. This claim was brought by the prosecution. In October of 2020, a verdict of guilty was handed down against Silvana for bribery, abuse of authority, and fabrication of official documents. According to the show, the allegations against her of criminal affiliation and embezzlement were proven to be false, and she was exonerated of all charges.

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After her conviction, Silvana declared, “I never took advantage for myself of the power I had and above all of the benefits that I may have taken in terms of professional and economic concerns.”

A sentence of eight years and six months in jail was handed down to the former judge. Lorenzo and Gaetano were both given jail time for their participation in the investigation and subsequent case. In her appeal, Silvana argued that the judgement should be overturned. Following her conviction, the court took possession of her home in Palermo and sold it to a third party. According to the show, after her sentence is handed down by the High Court, she will be sentenced to do her time behind bars.

Silvana Saguto Family, Birthday, Age, Date of Birth, and Birth Certificate Who is her father? Who is her mother? Where does she come from? In the Beginning

According to the photographs that have been taken of Silvana Saguto, it would appear that she is older than 50 years old. This is not an exact portrayal of the subject’s age, and the real facts may be different.

Since neither her date of birth nor any other information regarding her age has been unearthed, the exact number of years she has been alive is unknown.

There is no more information known about her parents, her brother or sister, or any other members of her family. In addition, there is no information on how she lived her younger years.

Silvana Saguto’s wealth, in monetary terms What was her hourly rate like?

In the year 2021, it is anticipated that Silvana Saguta will have a net worth of $800,000. Over the course of more than three decades, she served as a judge at the Palermo Court. During the time that she was employed, she was able to bring in an annual income of $59.3 thousand.

Additionally, Saguta presided over the Prevention Measures section of the court for a period of ten years while serving as its President. As a consequence of this, her annual salary was around $54,000, and she also received a special allowance of $15,000.

Who Is Silvana Saguto’s Husband, and What Is the Status of Their Relationship and Children?

Silvana has chosen to lead a very reclusive lifestyle. Nevertheless, she disclosed her engineer husband, Lorenzo Caramma, over the course of an interview. In addition, she and her husband are the parents of three children, the oldest of whom is named Emanuele Caramma. The identities of her other children have not been made public as yet. If we learn anything new about them, we will make sure you know about it.

Silvana Saguto Career

In 1981, Silvana Saguto chose to pursue a career as a judge. She made the observation that for her, it was always about giving something back to the community. One of her first high-profile cases was the 1993 trial of well-known Sicilian criminal Toto Riina, where she worked as a deputy judge. This was one of her first high-profile cases. During the episode, she talked about how she had devoted her entire life to fighting the mafia in Sicily, which had the effect of making her a lot of enemies and putting her in a state of continual fear of being murdered.

In the year 2010, Silvana was given the position of President of the Preventive Measures Department at the Palermo Court in Italy. She was under the impression that if she took on this role, she would be able to do far better than she had in the past. Silvana stated that if there was sufficient evidence, assets belonging to the mafia might potentially be seized and placed under the management of the department. They wouldn’t be given back unless there was some way to prove they were lawful in the first place. On the other hand, Silvana was accused of a variety of offenses, one of which was poor management of the seized assets. She was also accused of receiving bribes and placing friends and family members in high-paying jobs at the businesses that were seized from her. Both of these allegations are true.

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The episode demonstrated that she favored working with a Palermo lawyer named Gaetano Cappellano Seminara as a court administrator in exchange for payoffs. She did make the point, though, that the only reason Gaetano was selected was because he had a good reputation in the industry. According to the allegations made by the prosecution, Silvana and her family were having trouble making ends meet and had approached Gaetano with a demand for financial assistance. Gaetano was also her husband’s principal source of income during the years 2006 and 2015. This lasted till 2015. As a result of Silvana’s indictment, she was removed from her positions with the president and the courts.

Where did she complete her secondary education and get her degree? What did she major in, exactly?

There is presently no information available about her educational background. Our information leads us to believe that she received all of her schooling in her hometown, and our assumptions lead us to believe that her primary focus of study was some kind of legal studies.

Silvana Saguto Social Media Reach

Silvana Saguto does not use any kind of social media account, and you cannot find her on any kind of social media site, including Twitter and Instagram. As a result of this, we do not know how she utilized the various social media platforms, nor do we know how she would have spent her time or lived her life.

Silvana Saguto FAQ’s

Who is Silvana Saguto?

The Vendetta, the Truth, and the Mafia is a Netflix original documentary series that debuted on September 24th. The series centers around a journalist and a judge who accuse each other of managing and supporting mafia property that has been confiscated. Silvana Saguto plays the role of a judge in the series.

How many years has Silvana Saguto been alive?

It would indicate that she was born and raised in Italy. She has the appearance of being in her early 60s. On the other hand, nobody really knows when she was born.

Who is Silvana Saguto Husband?

During the course of an interview, she disclosed that her husband, Lorenzo Caramma, is an engineer. In addition, she and her husband are the parents of three children, the oldest of whom is named Emanuele Caramma.

Does Silvana Saguto use social media?

She does not engage in activities related to social media.

Therefore, it will not be able to find her on any social media sites.

The Details of Silvana Saguto’s Physical Appearance, Including Her Height and Weight

Height   Unknown
Eye ColorUnknown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationEndomorph

There are some interesting facts about Silvana Saguto’s that you ought to be aware of

Zodiac SignUnknown
Net Worth Approx. $800k
Single/ In a relationshipIn a relationship
Current Husband/ SpouseLorenzo Caramma
ChildrenEmanuele Caramma

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