Kathy Hilton is a prominent philanthropist in addition to being an entrepreneur and designer. They have four children: Paris, Nicky, Barron, and Conrad Hilton, all of whom were born while she was married to Rick Hilton. Kathy introduced her passion of interior design and home décor in the beginning with an antique boutique on Sunset Plaza. Later on, she showcased both home and beauty brands on QVC and HSN. Her hobbies include antiquing, arranging flowers, decorating for the holidays, and craft projects.

The Make a Wish Foundation, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, The Race to Erase MS, City of Hope, The Junior League, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, and the Alzheimer’s Association are just a few of the organizations that benefit from Kathy’s dedication to philanthropy, which encompasses a wide range of charitable endeavors. Kathy has always been engaged in issues that are near and dear to her heart, most notably with children who are in danger, and she continues to do so now.

Kathy Hilton
NameKathy Hilton
ProfessionFashion Designer, philanthropist
BirthdayMarch 13, 1959
Net Worth$360 million

How much is Kathy Hilton’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

It is believed that Kathy Hilton has a net worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $360 Million.

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Kathy Hilton’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Kathleen Mary (née Dugan; 1938–2002) and Laurence K. Avanzino are Kathy Hilton’s parents. Kathy Hilton is their daughter (1935–1997). Her grandpa on her father’s side was of Italian ancestry. She also descends from people who lived in Ireland and Scotland. Later on, Kathy Hilton’s parents got a divorce, and her mother remarried a man named Kenneth E. Richards (1917–1998).

Kenneth E. Richards was already the father of three grown children from a previous marriage, and he was also the father of Kathy Hilton’s two maternal half-sisters, who are the actresses Kim Richards and Kyle Richards. As a result of her father’s subsequent marriage, Hilton also has five paternal half-siblings. She received her diploma from a prestigious private high school in Los Angeles, where she met Michael Jackson and became his closest friend. They were close friends up until his passing in 2009, which occurred in 2009.

Kathy Hilton’s Social Media

Kathy Hilton has accumulated 1 Million followers on her Instagram account, which goes by the handle @kathyhilton and has 817 posts.

Kathy Hilton’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

The height of Kathy Hilton is 1.7 meters. She is tall, and her weight is 59 kg. The color of her eyes in her natural state is brown.

Kathy Hilton’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Hilton entered the entertainment industry in 1968 and remained active until her retirement in 1979. Nanny and the Professor, Bewitched, Family Affair, Happy Days, and The Rockford Files are just some of the television shows and movies in which she has appeared. Among her film performances are The Dark and On the Air Live with Captain Midnight. On the episode of The Young and the Restless that aired on May 13, 2008, she appeared on the show in a cameo role as herself.

She was the host of the reality program “I Want to Be a Hilton,” which aired on NBC in 2005. In 2011, she also made an appearance on the show The World According to Paris. Hilton said in June 2012 that she does not watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because she cannot bear to see her half-sisters Kim and Kyle Richards’ life “fall apart” on the show since they made her “break down in tears.”

Kathy Hilton
Age63 Years
Weight59 Kg
Height1.7 m
SpouseRichard Hilton
ChildrenParis Hilton, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Conrad Hughes Hilton, Barron Hilton II

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