Hedley Thomas was born in 1967 in the United States of America, specifically in the state of Texas. Currently, he is 55 years old. is a National Chief Correspondent who specializes in investigative reporting and has an interest in the areas of Legal Issues, Politics, and Corruption. The Judiciary is another area of interest for him.

Hedley Thomas is an Australian journalist and author who specializes in investigative work. He has been honored with seven Walkley awards, including two Gold Walkleys. Diana and Hedley Robert Thomas became parents to their son Thomas. Angus Houston was taught by Thomas’s father, who was a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force in the past. Angus Houston resigned as the senior commander of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Hedley Thomas
NameHedley Thomas
ProfessionJournalist, Author
Net Worth$6 million

How much is Hedley Thomas’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

Hedley is a well-known journalist who has amassed a total net worth of close to $6 Million at this point.. His work as an investigative journalist has gained him several accolades, and he is also a published novelist. He is most known for his podcasts “The Teacher’s Pet” and “Sick to Death.” He has not disclosed any information on his pay as of now.

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Hedley Thomas’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Hedley Thomas was born in 1967 in the United States of America, specifically in the state of Texas. Currently, he is 55 years old. In the Thomas family, Hedley Thomas was brought into the world by his parents, Diana and Hedley Robert Thomas. He was raised by his father, who had served as a pilot in the Australian Air Force in the past. He was raised in a kind and supportive home, and his parents have always been encouraging of him and his professional endeavors. Following his graduation from high school, he wasted little time in beginning his professional life by taking a job as a copy boy for the Gold Coast Bulletin. He has now started his own family with the woman he married and their children, and they all coexist happily.

Hedley Thomas’s Social Media

Hedley Thomas’s Twitter account may be found under the handle @hedleythomasF1.

Hedley Thomas’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

It is unknown how much Hedley weighs, however he has a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Brown is Hedley’s natural hair color, and brown is also the color of his eyes.

Hedley Thomas’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Thomas attended a variety of elementary and high schools located all around Australia before completing his secondary education at Keebra Park high school in Southport, which is located on the Gold CoastIn 1984, not long after Thomas graduated from high school, he began his career in the publishing industry working as a copy boy for the Gold Coast Bulletin. After working for a period of nine months as a copy boy, he began a journalism cadetship at the Gold Coast Bulletin. In 1988, he transferred to The Courier-Mail in Brisbane to continue his career in journalism. After working for News Limited Australia for a year, he was offered a position as a foreign correspondent in London, where he remained for an additional two years. There, at the age of 22, he worked as a journalist and covered significant historical events, such as the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Romanian Revolution.

Thomas has been honored with some of journalism’s most prestigious accolades, including the Gold Walkley Award in 2007. This award was given to him for his coverage of the faulty police chase of Mohamed Haneef, an innocent doctor who was suspected of being a terrorist.

Among the other accolades are:

Journalist of the Year according to the Queensland Clarion Award in 2012
2012 winner of the Queensland Clarion Award for Best Investigative Journalism for bringing to light material that the judicial investigation investigating the functioning of the Wivenhoe Dam during the 2011 Queensland floods failed to consider.
The Haneef tale won the Walkley Award for the Best Print New Story in 2007.
The piece that exposed Dr. Jayant Patel, who was the Director of Surgery at Bundaberg, won the Walkley Award for Best Print News Story in 2005.
The Patel tale was awarded the Sir Keith Murdoch Prize in 2005.
The story of Di Fingleton, the incarcerated Chief Magistrate of Queensland, won the Walkley Award for Best Print Feature in 2003.
1999 winner of the Walkley Award for Best Investigative Writing for revealing the “Net Bet scandal” (shared with Paul Whittaker).
In 2012, the John Henningham’s Jschool School of Journalism in Brisbane bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Journalism.

Hedley Thomas
Age55 years
WeightNot Available
SpouseRuth Mathewson
Children Alexander, Sarah

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