In the journalism world, Gianna Toboni’s name is well-known. Currently, she works as a producer and journalist for the Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary series Vice.

Gianna Toboni Wiki & Birthday

Cancer was the zodiac sign of Gianna’s birth on July 14, 1988, in San Francisco, California. As a youngster, she was born to Mary Toboni and her husband. Michael, Paul, and Gillian Toboni are Gianna’s three brothers, while Jacqueline Toboni is her younger sister.

When it comes to her formal training, she received a degree in journalism from New York University in New York City.

Gianna Toboni Married Life

The journalist Toboni has gained worldwide acclaim because of his innovative and enthralling stories. As well as having the best job in the world, Gianna also has the best personal life with her spouse. Also, read about Farmer Sam.

Kyle Buckley, the HBO correspondent’s husband, proposed to her on September 2, 2017. A source tells the New York Post that Gianna and Kyle have been dating secretly since 2012.

Gianna Toboni

Even though they’d seen each other since 2012, their romance just came to the public in 2016. They tied the knot in front of their closest family and friends in Sonoma, California, where they had been dating for a long time.

There is a healthy relationship between the husband and wife at this time. They go on many exotic vacations together, and they never miss an opportunity to post photos on their official social media profiles. She and her husband Kyle also have a puppy named Baloo Steel, whom they raise together.

Gianna Toboni Career

For as long as she could remember, Gianna dreamed of pursuing a career in journalism after graduation. She worked as an intern for several networks to further her career in the industry. Later, she worked as a producer for ABC News and as a journalist for Al Jazeera.

Afterward, she landed a role on HBO’s Vice in 2013. Her full-time job has taken her throughout the world, covering intriguing stories and fostering a solid working relationship with her coworkers since that time. In addition to reporting about transgender adolescents, Toboni is a well-known defender of gay and lesbian rights.

Similar to this, she has interviewed ISIS fighters, Egyptian Tomb Raiders. Toboni has also won a Webby Award (2014) and a GLAAD Media Award for her work as a passionate, dynamic, and devoted journalist (2017).

Gianna Toboni Net Worth

Gianna, a well-known journalist, has not declared her net worth. It’s estimated that over her professional career, she has built up a wealth of roughly $700,000. Know About Laura Linney.

Vice journalist and producer Toboni not only makes a lot of money, but he’s also gaining quite a bit of notoriety as a result. According to the reports, HBO staff are paid an average of $98 247 per year.

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