Entertainment-industry veteran Davey Havok has a wide range of interests. He’s a musician, author, activist, and entrepreneur, among other things. Havok is best known as the lead singer of AFI, an alternative rock band. Blaqk Audio, XTRMST, and Dreamcar are just a few of the other bands he sings lead vocals.

Davey Havok’s Age, Birthday, And Parents

On November 20, 1975, the American artist was born in Rochester, New York. As of 2020, he is 44 years old and of Italian descent. When Davey attended the University of California, Berkeley, he double-majored in English and psychology. He dropped out of college as AFI’s success grew.

Davey Havok

At the age of five, David Paden Marchand relocated to Ukiah, California, where he grew up. When Ernie Passaro succumbed to cancer in 1980, his son was just six years old.

He acquired his stepfather’s surname since his mother, Penny Marchand, subsequently remarried. One of his mother’s younger half-brothers is his younger half-brother.

Who Is Davey Havok’s Wife?

The lead singer of the AFI is currently unattached. He has never had a relationship of any kind. However, he may be looking for the ideal companion. When Davey first saw Monica Parker, he wanted to marry her. Previously, the two were engaged to be married. That’s right, they met in 1999 and were engaged in 2001.

According to reports, Monica had an affair with Matt Shikba, a co-vocalist of Bink-182. Davey started seeing model Brittany Bowen after his engagement to Parker fell through. They also broke up because they couldn’t work on their relationship.

Many people assume that Havok is either bisexual or gay, even though there has been no discussion of his sexuality. However, Havok rejected defending his sexuality but insisted that he was a heterosexual guy.

Davey Havok’s Rumors Concerning About His Band

It’s no secret that Davey and his bandmates have to deal with misinformation and falsehoods. He explained this in an interview, Havok states,

“There have been whispers about me for a long time.” As a drug addict, I’ve been aggressive and militant straight edge, I’ve been the sweetest person in the world, I’ve been utterly terrible nasty, Christian, Satanist, the gamut. It’s all there, but I’m not interested in it since it doesn’t matter.”

He also stated that he regards drug usage as disrespectful, self-destructive, and weak and does not support it. They are thankful for their followers and well-wishers, no matter what the rumors are.

The Peta2 annual World’s Sexiest Vegetarian award went to him in 2007! Milo Ventimiglia, a well-known actor, was once voted the sexiest vegetarian, just like Havok.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Davey Havok?

According to celebrity net worth, Davey Havok has a fortune of $20 million. Music and other commercial activities are also his significant sources of income. Havik has also appeared in several films and television series, including Godkiller and Knife Fight.

Glitterboy and Zu Boutique, a line of vegan clothes, are among the many brands he founded. Legal issues led to the dissolution of Zu Boutique in 2012. As a result, Davey released his first book in 201,3 and followed it up with Love Fast Los Angeles five years later.

His songs and innermost thoughts are also immortalized in ink on the rock star’s body. Havok enjoys a cult following among admirers due to his distinct sense of fashion and striking good looks. There are several designs on his body, such as fiery hearts and angel wings.

When it comes to his tattoos, Havok doesn’t hold back from showing them off. For obvious reasons, he blacked his sleeve tattoos.

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