In the United States, on August 4, 1998, Dani Jackel was brought into the world. She attended a private high school in her hometown for the completion of her secondary education. After that, she decided to further her education by attending graduate school, so she enrolled at The University of Arizona.

Dani received a message from Dawson Gurley (bigdawstv), the proprietor of The Daily Dropout, inviting her to become a member of his YouTube channel for posting prank films while she was attending college. Initially, she believed that it was just spam; however, she subsequently discovered that it was really from Dawson. Following that, she embarks on an adventure on YouTube.

Dani Jackel
NameDani Jackel
ProfessionModel, Youtuber, Content Creator
BirthdayAugust 4, 1998
Net Worth$1.1 million US dollars

How much is Dani Jackel’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

The latest estimate of Dani Jackel’s wealth is close to $1.1 million US dollars. Her work as a model, as well as her success as a YouTuber and social media celebrity, are the primary contributors to her financial success.

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Dani Jackel’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Dani’s family has made a comfortable life for themselves in the United States. She used her Instagram name to send her mother birthday wishes on her special day. Her Instagram account features a number of family members, including her parents, her grandfather, and her younger brother. People have begun to assume that Dani and her brother are dating whenever they are seen together in public. The result of this was that Dani produced a blouse on which it was plainly stated that she is my brother. In a similar vein, her brother wears a T-shirt that has the words “she is my sister” emblazoned on it.

Dani Jackel’s Social Media

danijackel consists of the name of her social media platform, on which she has 148 thousand followers and 760 posts.

@danijackel_ is the name of her Twitter account, and Dani Jackle is the name of her YouTube channel, which has 111 thousand followers.

Dani Jackel’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

In terms of her outward appearance, Dani Jackel has a height of around 5 feet 7 inches and a weight of approximately 55 kilograms. Her eyes are likewise dark, same like her hair, and her hair is similarly brown. She has achieved a figure that is both beautiful and intriguing, like that of an hourglass.

Dani Jackel’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Dani began her career on YouTube by posting videos on the popular channel known as “The Daily Dropout,” which is run by Dawson Gurley, also known by his username BigDawsTv. Members of the channel include Sammi Landsman, Allison Rose Williams, Arie Labodi, Mallory Suzanne, and Gabrielle Klobucar. In all, the channel has 12 contributors. The channel’s pranks and challenges sent it to the top of the popularity charts in a very short amount of time.

Dani has earned a large number of followers thanks to the prank films in which she often appears. Dani created her own self-titled YouTube channel in July 2018, after her meteoric rise to stardom as a YouTuber. However, they began posting videos in September of this year. On her channel, she shares vlogs, prank videos, podcasts, and a variety of other stuff. Her YouTube channel now has millions of views, which is a milestone for her.

Dani Jackel
Age24 Years
Weight55 Kg

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