Walker Hayes is a famous pop country singer and songwriter from the United States of America. He is also a social media starlet and a TikTok celebrity. He is most known for the release of successful songs, including “Fancy Like,” which topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs list as well as the Country Airplay chart.

In addition to winning the award for Top Country Song at the Billboard Music Awards 2022, he has also published three studio albums, five extended plays (EPs), and six music videos. In addition to that, he has amassed millions of fans on the platform known as TikTok.

Walker Hayes
NameWalker Hayes
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Tik Tok star
BirthdayDecember 27th, 1979
Net Worth $3.4 Million USD

How much is Walker Hayes’s net worth? Income and Revenue stream

According to the findings of our investigation and the many sources that can be found on the internet, it is reported that the current net worth of Walker Hayes is around $3.4 Million USD. Singing, concerts, solo performances, advertisements, brand endorsements, social media applications, and other business enterprises, among other things, account for the vast majority of his revenue.

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Walker Hayes’s Birthday, Family and Early Life

Walker Hayes was born on December 27th, 1979 in the city of Mobile, which is located in the state of Alabama in the United States. Charles Edgar Walker Hayes is the name he was given at birth. He was born in the United States, and his religious affiliation is with the Christian faith.

Walker comes from a family that has made a comfortable life for themselves in Mobile, Alabama, in the United States. His real estate broker father, Charles Hayes, passed away in the year 2021. He is his parents’ only kid and the only child they have ever had. There is no other information on his family that can be provided at this time. In a little while, we will update it.

Walker Hayes’s Social Media

Walker Hayes’s social media presence includes an Instagram account with the handle @walkerhayes, which has 1,000,000 followers and 1548 posts. Additionally, she may be found on Twitter under the handle @walkerhayes. Walker Hayes is the name of his channel on YouTube.

Walker Hayes’s Physical Traits and Body Measurements

In terms of his outward appearance, Walker Hayes has a height of around 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of approximately 60 kilograms. Both of his eyes and his hair are a shade of brown. His hair is likewise brown.

Walker Hayes’s Biography, Career/Education and Achievements

Walker Hayes received his education at a prestigious private institution located near his hometown. After that, he decided to further his education by attending Birmingham–Southern College, where he received a masters degree in music with a concentration on the piano. In 2005, Walker began his career in the music industry working as a composer for a Nashville publishing firm. Shortly afterwards, he got a deal with Mercury Records Nashville. Shortly after that, he signed with Capitol Records Nashville, and in 2010, he released his first song, titled “Pants.”.

The year 2017 saw the release of his second studio album, titled “Boom,” which was produced in partnership with the Monument label. In June of 2021, Walker released his fifth extended play (EP) titled “Country Stuff,” which proved to be a pivotal moment in the progression of his musical career. One of its songs, “Fancy Like,” became very popular on TikTok and eventually climbed all the way to number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 list while also topping the chart for Hot Country Songs. Not only this, but the song itself became Walker’s most successful attempt to date in terms of the charts. Since the launch of his self-titled YouTube channel on November 23, 2011, Walker has amassed thousands of followers on the video-sharing platform.

Walker Hayes
Age42 Years
Weight60 Kg
SpouseLaney Beville Hayes

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