Model, ice skater, and stuntwoman Taryn Dakha is a well-known Canadian celebrity. Romany Malco’s infatuation with her propelled her to fame. She is Malco’s ex-wife. It’s a ma Skater Jessica Alba’s body doppelganger is frequently referred to as such.

Taryn Dakha’s Married Life With Romany Malco

The Love Guru set was where Taryn first met Romany Malco in 2007. After a few months of dating, they formed a relationship. The pair chose to be married after falling in love.

Finally, Taryn married Romany on September 3, 2008. During the early phases of their marriage, they had an incredible time. After that, the two parted company.

Taryn Dakha

They also did not have any children when they were married to each other. After eight years together as husband and wife, they broke up. Since then, they have been divorced. Romany claims that Taryn’s extramarital affairs are the key cause of their divorce.

Current Relationship Status Of Taryn Dakha

After her divorce from Romany, Taryn Dakha married an unknown person. She has kept her lover’s identity a secret. She’s happily married to her “hidden husband,” and they have a wonderful life together. When she was pregnant with her first child, she was photographed in a photo studio.

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As a result, the couple has become a family. The only information she has shared is that she is expecting a baby. Daksha’s marriage is going well, even though she has a shady past. She doesn’t spend much time on social networking sites. No rumors have been circulated regarding her personal or professional life.

Net Worth Of Taryn Dakha

Around 500 thousand dollars is Taryn Dakha’s net worth. There have been a few films where Taryn has worked as a stunt double. In 2005, she made her acting debut in the superhero picture Fantastic Four, when she performed stunts for the first time.

Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, and Chris Evans starred in the film, making a lot of money. Around $333 million was brought in worldwide for the film.

Taryn Dakha

As of 2007, Good Luck Chuck and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer featured appearances by professional skater Taryn Dakha appeared as Alba’s stunt double in the 2008 romantic comedy film The Love Guru.

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Romany, Dakha’s future husband, was also on the same job. Despite the film’s success, it was a money trap.

More About Taryn: Birthday and Childhood

On July 17, 1980, Taryn Dakha was born in Vancouver, Canada. A Canadian-born woman, she was born and raised in a Canadian-descent family. There are many aspects about her childhood and family background she refuses to reveal. To that end, we have a few points to make.

It’s hard to believe that Taryn looks like Jessica Alba, a well-known Hollywood star. Taryn frequently does stunts for Alba because of their resemblance in appearance and physique. It’s also common to see them out and about doing things like shopping and vacationing together.

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