In addition to working with Chic Management and Model Management, the French-born Alizee Guinochet is also a successful fashion model. Holly Rollers (2010) and Rock ‘n Roll (2011) are two films in which she has appeared as an actress (2017).

Alizee Guinochet

Paris, France-born actress Alizee Marie Guinochet was a French Guinochet family member born on May 17, 1985. Her education, parents, and siblings’ names are still under the microscope even though she is a well-known public figure.

What Is Alizee Guinochet’s Current Relationship Status?

Alizee, a French fashion model, is currently single. Pinochet has kept her private life out of the public eye after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

She doesn’t appear to be involved in a romantic relationship. Thus it appears she’s focused on her profession. She also doesn’t have a social media presence. As a result, her secrecy serves as evidence of her singleness.

Alizee Guinochet Is Ex-Fiance Of The Magician, David Blaine

Alizee, a former fiance of David Blaine, is a 33-year-old French model. On his 36th birthday in 2009, David proposed to Alizee, whom he had been dating for less than a year. “The couple did not date long, but they knew it was right and it was an instant attraction,” Page Six quotes the author of the article as saying.

Alizee Guinochet

A model, Alizee, and an illusionist, David, were in love and lived happily ever after. They had a good relationship. However, they broke up and divorced in 2014.

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According to some sources, Alizee’s cheating on David is said to have been a factor in the couple’s breakup. However, David tells TMZ, “I regret my behavior and am sorry if I caused Alizee any embarrassment,” after their breakup.

Alizee Guinochet Shares A Daughter With David Blaine

Dessa Blaine was born due to the relationship between the parents, even though they are no longer together. Since her birth in 2011, Dessa has become a healthy 8-year-old girl, and she is doing well. Dessa, the sole child of famous parents, has gained a following of her own.

The painful breakup of her parents forced her to move in with her mother and spend quality time with her father, David. Also, David never misses a chance to show off his gorgeous daughter on Instagram.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Alizee Guinochet?

Overall, Alizee is believed to be worth $1 million. Many well-known fashion companies, brands, and others have signed her up for lucrative endorsement deals. Natalia Rivera, another model, has a total wealth of $1 million.

Additionally, she’s a well-known actress, and she’s accruing a sizable fortune. French actresses are paid an average of $63,942 (€58122) per year.

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She and her ex-fiance Blaine have a combined net worth of over $40 million. He makes $6 million a year as a magician and lives a luxury lifestyle in Brooklyn, New York. From her official YouTube channel, which has over 455 thousand subscribers, David also receives

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