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Who is Roy “Bubba” Armstrong? Cause of his death at the age of 67

It was clear that Roy “Bubba” Armstrong was not a guy of little stature. It is true that he was not the largest man, nor did he have the most powerful voice.

Roy "Bubba" Armstrong

His effect, on the other hand, was unrivaled. On Wednesday, Armstrong, who had been a beloved resident of Marlette for a considerable amount of time, died away. He was 67.

The life of Roy “Bubba” Armstrong, a beloved citizen of Marlette, was taken from this world at the age of 67.

“He had that mix of longevity and (the ability) to be anyone’s friend,” said Jim Marshall, who was an assistant baseball coach at Marlette. “He had the capacity to be anyone’s buddy.” And if you were his buddy, you kept that friendship for the rest of your life. According to Neal Bishop, who serves as the vice president of the Marlette school board, “He was an institution, and I don’t feel that’s understating things at all.”

“He laid a strong foundation for the community,” said one resident. Even if you didn’t know him personally, it’s likely that you were aware of him because of the amazing kindness he showed to everyone. Bubba exemplified the very best qualities of a nice person. Armstrong, who regularly appeared at Red Raiders sporting events over the course of nearly to half a century while dressed in the garb of a referee, He never allowed himself to get idle and handled a number of different teams.

It was customary for Armstrong to provide the officials and scorekeepers with refreshments. He did so on occasion, but most often acted as the ball boy and provided occasional commentary either before or after the game. Marshall also said that one of his primary jobs was to look out for the referees. “He was known for providing them with popcorn and water bottles,” the legend said. It went off without a hitch.”

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“He was known for providing them with popcorn and water bottles,” the legend said. It proceeded according to plan. No matter whose team a person cheered for, Armstrong was skilled at connecting with them on a personal level. The athletic director at Marlette, Drake S. Okie, had this to say about him: “He was adored by everyone.” It wasn’t only Marlette; there were others.

Bubba was able to find his way to the same desk at each and every school he attended. People were willing to provide a hand to him everywhere he went, whether he was in Sandusky, Brown City, or Memphis, and they did so consistently. When it came to Bubba, there wasn’t really another school that he had to compete with.


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