$150K Net Worth Holder, Simone Bienne Was Married To Simon Mojack

Simone Bienne

British journalist and relationship therapist Simone Bienne co-hosted the radio show Loveline, which was syndicated across the country. As a TV, radio, social media, and British national magazine expert on relationships and sex, she has become a household name.

Simon Monjack, a screenwriter, film director, and producer, was Simone’s ex-husband.

She was born Simone Panjwani in London, England, on January 10, 1974, to Indian immigrants. To say that Bienne’s parents hail from two different countries. Further, He is an Indian doctor, and her mother is a fashion designer from Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

How Did Simone Bienne Rose To Fame?

Simone worked as a news presenter and producer in the United Kingdom before becoming a professional relationship specialist. She currently works with a wide range of clientele, some of whom are well-known celebrities, Los Angeles and London.

Therapist, Simone Bienne
Therapist, Simone Bienne
Source: Pinterest

Simone, a University of Manchester alumna with a degree in Politics and History, is dedicated to helping others succeed via practical methods, skills, tactics, and resources. Do you know that she was formerly ranked as one of the top 10 dating gurus in the United States??

The College of Sex and Relationship Therapy has certified Bienne as a sex and relationship therapist (COSRT). The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapist is one of the organizations she is a member of (AASECT). On top of that, Simone is a member of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS).

Is Simone Bienne Married?

Simone has managed to keep her private life private, even though she advocates for others to do the same. Although Dailymail reported that the former First Lady had married again, there is little proof to support this claim.

Therapist, Simone Bienne
Therapist, Simone Bienne
Source: Pinterest

She hasn’t started her current dating status, either. When it comes to her personal life, it’s a mystery. Learn more about Meg Oliver.

Moving on to Simone’s personal life, it appears that she is content with her current state of singledom. She may be seen with her pals on social media, but neither appears to be her boyfriend. In addition, Simone is 46 years old and does not have any children.

Simone Bienne Was Married To Simon Monjack?

Simon Monjack and Simone Bienne married in November 2001. Las Vegas was the location of their wedding ceremony. According to reports, Simone and Monjack had a bad marriage. As soon as they decided to part ways, Bienne had to drag him through the legal system in the United States. In addition, she received a settlement of about $30,000 following their divorce.

Therapist, Simone Bienne With Her Ex-Husband, Simon Mojack
Therapist, Simone Bienne With Her Ex-Husband, Simon Mojack
Source: The Mirror

After four years of marriage, Monjack and Bienne divorced in 2006. Former producer Bienne married Brittany Murphy, an actress who died five years ago at $150,000. Monjack was months ahead of schedule. According to reports, on May 23, 2010, he died of acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Simone Bienne?

Simiane Bienne is a well-known and highly paid relationship therapist. The actual net worth of Bienne, on the other hand, remains unknown. On the official site, the cost of a single session ranges from $150 to $450. In addition, her client list contains several well-known people. Therefore her yearly pay may exceed $150,000.

Bienne is a senior psycho-sexual and relationship therapist with more than 15 years of expertise in her field. It was nominated for the Royal Television Society Award for Simone’s several documentaries on Indian culture because she was born in India.

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