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Meet Touré Roberts: Age, Biography, Wife, Wiki, Family, Net Worth and Other Details

In the city of Los Angeles, Touré Roberts is a well-known and skilled preacher as well as an author. He is well-liked in the city as a result of the significant contributions to society and literature that he has made. He is responsible for the founding of “Church LA,” one of the most rapidly expanding congregations in Los Angeles.

In addition to that, he was the one who started the non-profit organization known as the Artist Resources Center. In addition to this, he is the author of the novels “Wholeness” and “Purpose Awakening,” both of which can be found on Amazon.

Touré Roberts

Because he is married to the well-known motivational speaker Sarah Jakes Roberts, he has a large amount of popularity. Together with his wife, he established a media firm that would later become known as Modern Faith Media. He is also a lecturer and author in the field of self-help, which he was motivated to do by her wife.

Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, and Birthday of Touré Roberts Who exactly is the father of Touré Roberts? Where in the world does Touré Roberts hail from? Initially in life

One of the most well-known and well-respected figures in the entertainment industry due to his roles as an author, speaker, producer, and pastor of Church LA Touré Roberts was born in Oakland, California, in the United States on September 8, 1972, making his current age 48 years old. He was born in the United States of America and is of African-American descent, thus he automatically has American citizenship. According to his birth date, he is a Virgo, which is a sign of the zodiac.

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Roberts, along with the rest of his brothers, was considered to be one of the most beautiful sons that his father, Bishop Roberts, ever had. The majority of his time is spent inside the confines of his own community.

When it comes to his other part of the family, he has protected his parents’ right to privacy by avoiding the press. Roberts has never given any member of the media any information about his family. In addition to this, he keeps his siblings and friends in the dark.

How much money does Touré Roberts make from his career? What is his net worth?

The time that Touré spends preaching has been an important factor in the accumulation of his wealth. One Church LA was established by Touré Roberts in 2004, and it has since become one of the churches in the country with the most rapid rate of membership growth.

On average, pastors make between $31,000 and $70,000 per year in salary and compensation. It is contingent on the amount of time and effort that is invested in the profession. A church administrator might make anywhere from $23,000 to $57,000 per year for their work. After all, Roberts is the author of not one but two excellent books. It is anticipated that Touré Roberts’s net worth is somewhere in the range of $1 million to $1.5 million.

Additionally, he is an accomplished blogger. One of his books with the highest number of copies sold is titled “Intention Awakening.” His book went on to become the all-time best-selling novel on Amazon, which resulted in his receiving an increase in revenue.

His current wife, Sarah, has prior experience working in the Air Force as a Liaison Officer. However, in addition to her accomplishments in the field of technology, the woman is well-known for the fact that she is the daughter of Senior Pastor Thomas Dexter TD Jakes Sr. Because of his work as a priest and a well-known novelist, her father’s wealth is estimated to be around $18 million.

The first wife, Wife, of Touré Roberts. What about these young youngsters and children?

Before their divorce, Touré Roberts was married to Lori Roberts, who is also a published novelist. Unknown causes led to their decision to end their marriage and get divorced. They, too, had a total of four kids.

After his breakup with Lori, he eventually tied the knot with Sarah Jakes Roberts, who is also a motivational speaker. After having their first encounter in the previous year’s spring, the couple decided to be married the following year in November. Sarah is a well-known personality on the radio and a journalist.

In addition to being married to Robert Henson, with whom she had a child while she was just 14 years old, Sarah was also married to another man. The union between Sarah and Robert resulted in the birth of two sets of identical twins. Throughout an interview with Essence, Sarah said that her last marriage was a failure and that she was on the edge of getting jailed because of her behavior during the marriage.

In August of 2015, Toure and his girlfriend Sarah announced to the world that they were expecting their first child together. In his album titled “One Church LA,” Toure revealed that his wife was expecting their first child. Ella Roberts, who was named after Touré’s daughter, was born on February 10th, 2016. The couple has been blessed with six little ones thus far.

The accomplishments of Touré Roberts throughout his career as Soulmate, Books, and Chadwick

Touré Roberts is a blogger who writes for a living. Author of the best-selling work, “Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Concept That Inspired Your Birth,” he wrote the novel himself. While he was still working as a priest, he established One Church in Los Angeles. It is presently considered to be one of the churches in Los Angeles that is expanding the quickest.

Roberts is not only generous with his money, but also with his time; he founded the non-profit organization known as the Artist Resource Center. Additionally, he and his partner, Sarah Jakes Roberts, are the proprietors of the media firm known as Modern Faith Media. According to the report, Sarah had previously served in the Air Force as a Liaison Office.

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The committed followers of Touré listen in to hear his life-changing lessons on topics such as spirituality, meaning, attaining one’s full potential, relationships, and business. In addition, Touré’s visibility is bolstered by a weekly podcast that receives more than 200,000 downloads on a daily basis and a total social media following of more than one million individuals. The majority of his followers are very successful people who work in fields such as business, culture, sports, technology, and non-profit organizations.

The newly released resource for holistic leadership, Called Leaders, was created by Touré with the intention of inspiring, educating, and activating the next generation of business, religious, and entertainment sector leaders. He hosts leadership gatherings called “The Called” all over the country as well as online. These gatherings bring together hundreds of aspiring business owners for one-on-one mentoring and tangible resources to assist them in becoming more successful and having a greater impact in their respective careers.

Is it possible to reach him via any of the many social media platforms?

In addition to his well-established careers as a preacher and author, he is also rather well-known on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he has a sizeable fan base. On Instagram, he has over 450 thousand followers, and his account has been verified with a blue tick; on Twitter, he has over 42.1 thousand followers; and on Facebook, he has over 167 thousand fans.

He shares intimate images and videos from his day-to-day life on his website. It has been discovered that he has been sharing photographs on social media connected to culture and his shows.

What were the names of the high school and university that he attended?

Regarding Toure’s educational background, it’s safe to assume that he received all of his schooling in his hometown. However, the specifics of Roberts’ educational background, including his time spent in college or high school, have not been revealed as of yet.

There is still a lack of knowledge on his secondary school and university; if there is any new information regarding Toure’s schooling, we will make it available here.

Additionally, many inquire

Who precisely is this Touré Roberts?

In the city of Los Angeles, Touré Roberts is both a well-known and active preacher and an author. He is well-liked in the area as a result of the significant contributions to society and literature that he has made. He is the leader of one of the most dynamic churches in Los Angeles, which goes by the name “Church LA.”

How many years has Touré Roberts been alive?

He is a well-known figure due to the fact that he is an author, speaker, producer, and the pastor of Church LA. On September 8, 1972, when his mother was 48 years old, Touré Roberts was born in Oakland, California.

How much money does Touré Roberts have in the bank?

The amount of money that Touré Roberts has in their personal wealth is between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Who was the first woman to marry Touré Roberts?

His first wife was Lori Roberts, and they were blessed with four children together.

Where Did Touré Roberts Get His Education?

When it comes to his education, it’s probable that he completed all of it right there in his hometown. However, the facts of his educational background, such as whether he attended high school or university, have not yet been disclosed.

Touré Roberts’s Physical Appearance in 2021, Including His Height and Weight

Height6 feet 1 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignVirgo
Body Typefit
Sexual OrientationStraight

There are some interesting facts regarding Touré Roberts’s that you need to be aware of

Net Worth$1-1.5 million
Married/GirlfriendAlready Married

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