Mayra Isabel lost her child | Net Worth, Age, Bio, Husband, Birthday and Family

Mayra Isabel lost her child | Net Worth, Age, Bio, Husband, Birthday and Family

Mayra Isabel is a well-known vlogger who specializes in make-up tutorials and beauty goods. Her YouTube channel, ‘mayratouchofglam,’ helped her attain notoriety. She is a freelance makeup artist who is self-taught. Her channel suggests using one to apply foundation and touts it as the key to perfect, streak-free skin.

Mayra Isabel is an American freelance makeup artist best known for her YouTube channel. She has over 2.1 million followers on her YouTube channel, where she posts cosmetic tutorials, and product reviews.

Who is Mayra Isabel? Her Biography, Wiki and Birthday

Mayra Isabel was born in Orange County, California, in the United States, on February 8, 1994. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, and she was born in Mexico to Mexican parents who have yet to be identified.

Karina, her identical twin sister, is a beauty vlogger as well. Along with her Twin, she has three brothers, Lucas and Marcus, as well as two sisters.

Mayra Isabel

She had a significant interest in painting as a youngster, which led to her becoming a gorgeous makeup artist as a result of that desire. Similarly, she was ridiculed in her freshman year of high school due of her fat appearance. After that occurrence, she decided to do something with her life and started a YouTube channel.

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She is an American citizen of Hispanic ancestry. In terms of her educational history, she may have graduated from university, but she has not stated the name of the institution or the subject in which she majored.

Bryan Renteria Jr.’s child dies, Mayra Garcia’s child dies, Bryan Renteria Jr.’s obituary, cause of death

We are heartbroken to know that Mayra Garcia’s baby and Karina Garcia’s twin sister Bryan Renteria JR died, causing so much anguish and pain to their loving family. 

1-month-old On October 16, 2021, Bryan Renteria Jr., a resident of Ontario, California, died unexpectedly. He was born in Fontana, California, on September 1, 2021, to Mayra Isabel Garcia and her husband Bryan Renteria.

All additional details about this communication will be updated after confirmation. Bryan Renteria JR’s obituary has yet to be released, and the deceased’s obituary information will be updated as confirmation is received. 

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Bryan Renteria JR’s obituary details have not yet been announced, and the deceased’s obituary information will be updated after confirmation. Baby Mayra Garcia, the details of Bryan Renteria JR’s obituary have not yet been announced.

Mayra Isabel Career | Road to Success

Mayra has had a passion for painting since she was a youngster, which led to a successful career as a stunning makeup artist. In her first year of high school, she was equally humiliated because of her weight. After the tragedy, she was motivated to make a difference in her life, so she started a YouTube channel.

mayra isabel

Mayra Isabel started a YouTube channel called ‘mayratouchofglam’ in 2012 to document her daily life. She is a self-taught freelance makeup artist. Her YouTube channel recommends using one to apply makeup smoothly, and it’s also the secret to glowing, streak-free skin.

Furthermore, she continues to post make-up tutorials, unboxing videos, and product reviews on her YouTube channel. NYX, Profit Cosmetics, The Balm, and Urban Decay are among the high-end beauty brands with which she is frequently associated. On October 11, 2012, she posted her debut video, titled “Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial.”

How much is Mayra Isabel’s Net Worth?

Her mayratouchofglam YouTube channel has over 2.13 million subscribers, while her The Renteria channel has over 177,000. She also has a retail store called a touch of glam, which she promotes on Instagram. Mayra, on the other hand, has kept her net worth and annual income a secret. Her net worth, however, is estimated to be around $115,000.

Who is Mayra Isabel husband? Boyfriend and Partner

According to her marital status, Mayra Isabel is a married woman. In June 2016, Bryan Renteria proposed to her. They’d been together for seven years, since they were sixteen years old.

They did meet when she was fifteen, though. Finally, they tied the knot on October 1, 2017. The couple was over over heels in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

Mayra on Social Media Platforms

Mayra Isabel is well-known on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her social networking sites have a big user base. Similarly, she has around 412k Instagram followers, 46.3k Twitter followers, and 42.1k Facebook followers.


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