Betsy Woodruff Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, And Bio

Betsy Woodruff Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, And Bio

The young and talented reporter, Betsy Woodruff, has already made a name for herself in journalism. She is popular for covering national security and federal law enforcement for leading online portal, The Daily Beast

Is Betsy Woodruff Dating Boyfriend?

The 29-years-old reporter is happily engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Swan, in 2018.

Her fiance is an Australian reporter who won Young Journalist “Wallace Brown Award.” Not to mention, Betsy looked beautiful in her shimmery golden gown, and Jonathan matched her with a black tuxedo along with a bow tie.

Betsy and Jonathan on their engagement day.
Betsy and Jonathan on their engagement day.
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The reporter shares the good news via her Instagram, flaunting her diamond engagement ring. Moreover, the couple has been together for quite a long time now, but they have yet to reveal the exact date of their first meeting. 

Unlike other reporters, Betsy is open about her love life to the public and often shares pictures with her future husband. Even her mother also can’t stop posting their pictures on her Instagram. 

The power pack couple never failed to impress their fans with their romances, and now, fans can’t wait for their big day.

Is Betsy And Bob Woodruff Related? 

Betsy is often confused as a daughter to CBS news network reporter Bob Woodruff since they both share the same surname and belong to the same fraternity.

Both Bob and Betsy, however, denied the rumor and stated they had no relation. Additionally, Bob’s wife, Judy, tweeted in 2018 and clarified the confusion.

How Much Is Betsy Woodruff’s Net Worth? 

Betsy Woodruff has a net worth of around $1 million, which she accumulated as a reporter. She has also worked for “Slate and Washington Examiner” and “National audits,” She collected a decent amount. 

As a political reporter, Woodruff makes a yearly of $69 thousand to $75 thousand from The Daily Beast. In addition to that, her fiance Jonathan, a reporter, has a net worth of $500 thousand and earns $52,872 yearly.

A Career As Political Reporter

Since her childhood days, Betsy Woodruff’s always wanted to become a reporter and was inspired to become a reporter because of her Dad. Betsy started her career early from her high college days, where she wrote for the Washington Examiner, the Toledo Free Press, and National Review. 

Betsy is expressing her thoughts through fox 5 channel.
Betsy is expressing her thoughts through fox 5 channel.
Source: Newsbusters

The journalist completed her internship with a Washington examiner, and soon after her graduation, she worked at the National review institute for two years. She currently serves as a political reporter at Daily Beast and covers federal law enforcement, the justice department, and immigration.

Also, she covered news such as campaigns to Capital Hill and deals of the 2016 presidential crusade and matters encompassing Congress. Her strong approach to these subjects allowed her to appear on Fox Business and MSNBC.

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